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Parents’ Evening3
By - Posted 20th November, 2015 at 6:42 pm Education & Employment

Kids dread it, parents hate it and teachers just accommodate it. Once a year – one very long evening for all, it can become quite stressful for many. Whether you’re old or young, I’m sure you can remember back to your school days when you had to attend parents’ evening; the time of year where teachers would express their opinions on your attitude and overall performance. Some enjoy the tasty treat which comes afterwards whereas others dread the extra forceful revision lessons from their parents. 

Weeks previous to the special evening sloppy teens tend to rush around all their teachers last minute to get appointments for them to then lose their appointment sheet just hours after being given it. Arguments are caused when someone else steals their time and the teacher is forced to double up appointments due to there not being enough slots for everyone…

Then the night comes. They’re in non-uniform with their parents as they slowly slide their way around the school trying to find out where the teachers are based. Their parents just continue to moan all the way round like a little child waiting to go on a fairground ride; “is this the last one? Are we done yet?”. As they walk round, they can’t help but stare and giggle at their friends with embarrassment on their faces – the headteacher is walking near them smiling to seem confident and loving when really he wants to shout because they aren’t wiping their feet after coming in from outside.

Once they’re sat at the desk in front of their teacher, they look at them and smile before speaking. The teachers are conscious of saying the wrong thing because they don’t know what the parents are like or how they will react. The teens scribble down notes just to act as if they’re listening; then it’s time to leave. Walking down the cold, dark school driveway with their parents moaning about their performance and behaviour, forgetting all the good comments.

Good ol’ parents’ evening, eh?

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elegance Commented on 20th November, 2015

loved reading this #relatable #schoolprobs #jesuisdaccord

lawrawrrr Commented on 20th November, 2015

I loved parents evening!!! When I was younger I was sooo anxious but as soon as I got old enough to go with my parents (from GCSE+) it was amazing. Teachers like, singing my praises in front of me? Yes please. I was a bit of a teacher’s pet though so yknow!

I think as long as you’re trying your best, teachers aren’t there to get you in trouble or grass you up but they genuinely just want to see you learn and make the most of yourself. As long as you’re doing your best then I don’t think you need to be self couscous (sorry, conscious) at all. I don’t think it’s great that some parents focus so much on the negatives and not praise their kids at all, leads to low self esteem (story of my entire school life) but they’re parents… we can’t like, tell them what to do (or even make suggestions in some cases).


Bails Commented on 20th November, 2015

i agree #1stworldproblems #99problemsbutparentseveningaint1