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Pie FX?0
By - Posted 4th July, 2015 at 9:35 pm

Anyone up for a bit of pie?

Yep, you heard me. Pie may be making its appearance in the catalouge as a ‘pixel effect’. Crazy, yes, but it’s a very creative try. Honestly, it resembles nothing close to a pie to me, but to others its a clear view of a pie! Of course, others still persist that it is a horse brush. I believe that the fact that so much horse-related furniture has been released, Habbo may be wanting to continue with this line. To me, now that I look at it, these honestly look like bottle caps, but beggars can’t be choosers!
   How much would they cost?
Considering it’s in pixels, thew price isn’t much of a deal, reasonably because, well, pixels are easy to obtain( considering that pixels are earned every day). The fact of the matter is, due to no information being released, the price is unknown at the moment.
  Do you think they’re going to be popular?
Due to them not yet being released, we can’t be for sure if they are going to strike chords with Habbos. Face facts, they aren’t that pretty, and they don’t seem to have much of a use…never the less, they are going to be purchased, obviously.
  May they glitch?
Now, that is an inevitable question that by any means can not be answered. Why? Even though Habbo tests everything twice, glitches can still occur. The only mystery: how will they glitch? That’s the fun part!
  Do you have anything else to say about ‘pie’?
  Of course! Pie is, of course, my second favourite food( next to waffles)! Although pie is a clever idea, Habbo coming out with more delicacies, but maybe they should consider revising their ideas before launching a product that they have no idea about what people will think. In conclusion, pie coming to the catalouge as a pixel effect is a perfectly okay idea. As we all know, however, it is liable to change in just a few weeks!

What do you think of the ‘pie’, is it a useful effect or is it a “recipe for disaster”? Click Read More & Comment to share your views!

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