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It's the Habbox Summer Spectacular!

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It's the Habbox Summer Spectacular!
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By - Posted 4th July, 2015 at 9:39 pm

Habbo definitely aren’t known for their generosity, but not long ago they announced that they were planning on scrapping the Pixels and to compensate, would release some new furniture available for all to buy, so that the Pixels would not go to waste.

Of course, realistically everybody knew that the new furniture would not be majorly exciting, but we did hope that there would be something decent, for everybody. However, when the furniture was released, everybody was nothing short of disappointed. The new furniture consisted of the following:

  • Exotic Butterfly
  • Pixel Memorial
  • Pixel Sofa Chair
  • Pixel Dining Table
  • Pixel Dining Chair
  • Pixel Side Table
  • Pixel Lamp
  • Pixel Sofa

Now, some of you might say – well that sounds perfectly reasonable, sounds like a nice and varied addition…all the furniture released appears tradeable (even those that only cost pixels) but to buy the ‘Exotic Butterfly‘ and ‘Pixel Memorial‘, you also have to spend credits, as well as pixels. It’s not something I’d describe as reasonably priced, in fact the complete opposite. With the butterfly costing 10 credits plus 5,000 pixels and the memorial 20 credits plus 15,000 pixels – it seems extremely overpriced and something that only the rich could afford. It appears that Habbo don’t really care about creating something for everybody any more, one can argue and say that they did introduce the new pixel range – but what use is that? It’s just an orange recolour of the old pixel range. It’s not exactly the most best looking furniture either, so why on Earth anyone would like to buy that is beyond me, it will be pretty worthless.

In my opinion, Habbo should have released something that everybody could afford, not just the rich and not just in this instance, Habbo need to always strive and try to be fair, obviously it is understandable that Habbo is a business after all, they want you to buy credits to buy the new furniture but I think that, that isn’t working, instead of people looking and thinking ‘I really want that, I’ll go and buy credits‘ people are actually thinking ‘this seems like a rip off, I’m not going to bother‘ and by doing this, Habbo are pushing away its users.

What do you think? Are Habbo right in what they are doing, or should they try and make things more equal for more members?

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