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Pizza Delivery! Did anyone order the "Beyonce Barbeque Special" ?0
By - Posted 4th July, 2015 at 9:21 pm

Want a free pizza? Then simply queue up to one of Beyonce’s performances!

Beyonce has found a new way to please her fans…by delivering them pizzas. In New York, Beyonce was performing at the Roseland Ballroom venue this week to promote her new album ‘4’, when she noticed the long line of fans eager to see her performing, so what did she do. Shake their hands? Take pictures with them? Hug them? Oh no, she decided to buy them pizza. The pizza arrived from an Italian restaurant nearby the venue, which is regularly used by Beyonce and her husband ‘Jay-Z’ and shows an incredible act of generosity , from one of the planet’s most famous singers.

I bet you’re thinking, lucky fans – won’t happen again, well don’t be so sure. This isn’t the only time Beyonce has showed off her generosity – just last month she delivered pizza to eager fans who were waiting outside a TV concert recording in London. (She really enjoys her pizza doesn’t she).

So, some of you are probably thinking “That’s not too bizarre, just very generous”, well wait until you read this…

On a recent shopping trip to London, Beyonce spent… in one hour … over £32,000, and on a separate occasion, she spent £36,000 on a jewel-encrusted fingernail ring. Due to all this spending, Beyonce is now “being added” to Hollywood’s list of ‘Biggest spenders’ – the most expensive gift she has bought, so far, was a $2 million Bugatti Veyron grand sport car for her husband’s (Jay-z) birthday.

Have any of you been lucky enough to receive food from celebrities? Do you think Beyonce has “lost it”? Share your view now! – by clicking “read more and comment”.

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