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Plebings; A Fight for Love, A fight for Life0
By - Posted 26th June, 2016 at 6:22 pm The Real World

I have the special privilege to embark on an adventure. An adventure unknown to the world of Habbo, or even Habbox at that matter. One in which one lost soul is on a vast search to find his lost love. Will this journey go to rubble as he finds out his lost love is only a cactus, or will he truly find that one to make all his wildest dreams come true.

Let’s not be too hasty, this quest in which you can take lightly. We are dealing with hearts, and the bond between two beings. One should never be tempted into anything that would effect that bond. Come quick! He’s about to leave!

I met up with Plebings not too long ago, and he was feeling down. I did not know as to what made him so gloomy, but I was determined to bring his spirits back up. I went over to Plebings’ and told him that Habbox was hosting an Isolation event over in Absently’s room. A smile appeared on his face, and he agreed to come join. Plebings is always up for a game of Isolation… so he says.

When entering the room, I went to join the queue but he stayed in the doorway, peering in to see if he could view a good spot to go AFK. I walked over to the door and looked at him. With my blank Habbo stare I waved and asked if he was coming in. He said yes, but immediately moved to a spot where he was away from the queue. I clicked to turn towards him and in my shouting type, I told him to get in line as there would be exactly enough for the isolation game. He got up and stood behind me, one block away.

In the spaces ahead of me stood three people I knew, and one I did not know, as they were not a member of Habbox or Habboxforum. As Absently let us in, I followed Matt, Dave, Laura, and this mysterious Habbo into the area. I went directly for four as it was my favorite number, but Dave ended up getting to it first, so I was stuck with one. I clicked on Plebings as he was down on three, and this mysterious Habbo was on six. And just then, Plebings clicked this mysterious Habbo, and he turned them. Immediately his Habbo was sparking… something was going on.

Laura and Matt had already decided in whisper that they were going to take out this Habbo because they didn’t like the way they were asking how to play. As Absently rolled the dice, Matt and Laura crept closer… tile by tile… towards this Habbo. With panic, Plebings kept yelling at Absently wondering why his number wasn’t being called, because secretly he wanted to protect this Habbo. Dave and I kept to ourselves sectioning the one half to ourselves and allowed the other four to duke it out themselves.

Just then, Matt was out. He had ran out of tiles, and then Dave. It was down to Laura, Plebings, myself and this Habbo who had yet to speak since the game started. Laura kept whispering to Plebings to team up on this Habbo, but he kept declining. I ended up getting out and was watching from the side lines. It was intense. It was down to an L shape and everyone had either one tile depending on which way Plebings went. Through whisper, Laura kept telling him to go towards this Habbo, as it would allow her and Plebings to be in final two. With a bold sacrifice, Plebings went opposite and went towards Laura, sacrificing himself and Laura. Both their numbers were rolled and Laura and Plebings ended up getting out.

Absently congratulated the Habbo and gave them their prize. With no words of conversation she looked at Plebings, and whispered “Good game.” That was it. Nothing more. Then they left the room. Plebings’ heart dropped. The one Habbo that made all the time spent making rooms for Habbox on the client actually worth it. It was gone. I went over to him after he exit-ed the room, and I stood in front of him and I waved. I told him not to worry and that he’d see the Habbo again.

Plebings had went back to his own room, and was sitting on an area sofa holding a mocha that he got from the mocha machine next to the sofa. He sighed and opened up his inventory, scrolled through some of the items, and dropped down his pet dog, Bones. He left to start towards the door to exit the hotel when just then, a notification.

He clicked the “friends” section, and there… the Habbo. A friend request was sent. A smile again, appeared on his Habbo’s face.

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