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It's the Habbox Summer Spectacular!
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Preparing yourself for an interview7
By - Posted 30th May, 2016 at 4:20 pm The Real World

Hi friends,

Lately, there has been a few threads made in regard to employment opportunities and/or being nervous for an interview. I, personally, have always dreaded going into interviews because I feel like I mess up a lot trying to get it just right, but I have learned a couple techniques that I hope will give you the motivation and the courage to go into your next interview.

How I always prepare is very simple. There are a few main things you need to take with you as basics. Following these steps will give you a step in the right direction and will give you what you need to ace your interview and potential of getting that job you’ve always wanted.

The first thing I always like to do is read up on the company in which you are applying for. What this does is gives you an understanding of what the company is all about. It allows you to become aware of its mission. When you understand the mission of a business/company and it correlates with you, you’re at an advantage because when certain questions come your way you will be able to give answers directed towards the company. This looks good, and it portrays confidence in yourself knowing the company.

Secondly, get one of your friends or parents/guardians to ask you questions. Something that I always do is get my friend’s parents to ask me because they may give you questions that your parents/guardians may not give you. Doing a question and answer session will give you a practice for putting ideas and thoughts into words. The one thing that broke my confidence is when I was in an interview and I just couldn’t put into words what I want to say and then I end up rambling on about something totally different.

Third, and lastly is just relax and have fun. The more and more you work yourself up, the more easily it is for you to fail your interview. When you are relaxed and at ease the person who is interviewing you will see that you are calm and collective and see that you may be fit for the job, on the other hand too; If you’re having fun in your interview, they may see that as a positive attribute they’re looking for. Some businesses get into a rut of boring, systematic work and they are looking for someone to spice up the place. If you’re able to be bubbly and energetic in your interview- You might just get the job based upon that.

An interview can be one of the most rewarding and the most nerve-racking thing we ever do in our life. As long as we are embracing what comes before us, and allow us not to be dismayed by what comes, we will strive to where we want to be.

What has been your most embarrassing moment during an interview? Let me know in the comments below!

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Empired Commented on 30th May, 2016

Nice article, Brad 🙂
I’ve never really been to any *proper* interviews. Like I’ve done some interviews for work experience but I’d already got the “job” there. And my previous job was just found through a friend of my mum’s so I never even had an interview, just turned up one day and they were like “kk sort out these prescriptions” :/

One thing I would suggest for going to interviews though is to just be chill about them. I know it sounds like stupid “gee wow really :/” advice but I think it’s comforting to think if I go in being myself and I get the job, then I know I’ll be good at the job. And if I go in being myself and don’t get it, it’s because I wasn’t right for it so it’s good I didn’t get it. If I go in pretending to be someone I’m not then it might turn out the job was all wrong for me and now I’m stuck with a job I’m both bad at AND hate.

Bikini Commented on 31st May, 2016

I totally agree. Being chill about it is actually a great piece of advice that not a whole lot of people really think to do. haha!
I really hope you can find another job though that you enjoy!

David Commented on 21st June, 2016

found it

MrsPlant Commented on 21st June, 2016

Found It!

Lill-MeeDK Commented on 21st June, 2016

Found it!

Meanies Commented on 21st June, 2016

Found it!

Ashley9281 Commented on 13th November, 2016

It is natural to be nervous for an interview. Go in with confidence and know more about the job you/re applying too! 🙂