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Preventing the Asteroids0
By - Posted 4th July, 2015 at 9:53 pm

There’s always one thought which comes to me, if another source couldn’t destroy Earth, then an asteroid (or a meteor) would. It scares me to look on the NASA website and see “risks” for impact. Trust me, some of those numbers are quite close to Earth – If you remember the thriller Armageddon, NASA was forced to send a device to a meteor that would destroy Earth up into space.

But what if we really needed to do this? I am sure sometime in the future such methods will be present. For instance, send “satellites” into space to orbit the Earth. When the time comes, lock the satellites onto the meteor and blast it out of orbit; How cool would that be? Although, while I am sure billions and billions of dollars would need to be dedicated to this project, it would be necessary for our survival!
Foreign relations would need to take a step up in a time like this, especially tensions with places like Russia, North Korea and China. All countries would need to cooperate and make a plan, just like a sports game. You’ve got one shot, do not miss your chance. If you fail, the world ends. How would you like failure? All of these thoughts come to my mind..
While this possibility is very doable, you must always consider that in a number of years, we may be off the Earth. It shocks me to think that increasing threats to humanity may force us to migrate to another planet!
Then again, NASA may be hiding suitable planets close-by to us. Just a few days ago I discovered that Buzz Aldrin actually took communion on the moon while NASA cut connection to us.
What do you think? Would certain circumstances make it available to us to save the world? Share your thoughts below!

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