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The Procrastination Fascination and You0
By - Posted 16th August, 2016 at 5:00 pm The Real World

Homework! Essays! Reports! – made you shiver in fear, right? What could possibly be worse than these things you only have a short amount of time to complete?

Well… writer’s block.

We’ve all been there – whether it be trying to get important homework done or just writing for fun like me; sometimes your brain just stops working, the creativity stops flowing, and you just can’t find the will to even think about it. If you’re anything like me, working on a computer is a dangerous thing. I’ll get distracted by everything – that one email I should respond to, the newest episode of that TV show I love, and even pictures of dogs.

Even while writing this article I paused too many times just to check another website, fart around on my phone, or get up and walk around. I know what I wanted to write about. I usually do. So why was it so hard to think?

I recently discovered an amazing resource to stop that and it’s called writers block.

So, what does it do? It runs full screen and basically turns your whole monitor into a keyboard until you reach your intended goal. You can add a goal to work for a set amount of time or until you reach a certain word count. It’s super helpful and you can’t exit out. Why? Because you’ve got no say in the matter until you complete your goal. Great for that homework you’re putting off until the last second!

I’ve used it several times and it’s great especially for writing these articles because I start to procrastinate and want to get them done without dragging it out.

What does it look like?

Further, I know how hard it is to think of adjectives or eye-catching words but luckily there’s one look. This site lets you describe a concept and receive words and phrases related to that thought. It also finds a word if you only know its definition. Neat, huh?

No more of the procrastination fascination – time to get to work!

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