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Quests galloping their way into the hotel!0
By - Posted 4th July, 2015 at 9:35 pm
Quests are galloping their way back into the hotel again!
Yeehaw! If you thought Sulake were only adding obstacles and badges for horses, then you’re very wrong. Some codes have been discovered which are suggesting that quests based around the horses could be arriving at the hotel very shortly… possibly around the same time as the new Stable Room Hopper.
As we all know, when a new quest arrives so does a new currency. This time the currency will most likely be “Horseshoes” (ironically), as clearly portrayed by these descriptions:
“Excellent! You’ve earned 1 Horseshoe! Horseshoes can be used in the Shop to buy Furni and other items.
“Alright! Remember to check back tomorrow for more quests and to earn more Horseshoes!”
The other quest descriptions, hints and completion messages can be seen here: The Word To Ride
quests.Horse_12_1.1331192713665.hint=Remember to ask the horse owner before riding their horse, and be sure to ride the horse all around the room! Started
quests.Horse_12_1.1331192713665.desc=Try out riding another Habbos horse. Is Caring
quests.Horse_12_1.1331191191234.completed=Good stuff, I think you’ve just converted another Habbo to the joys of horse riding!
quests.Horse_12_1.1330420258336.completed=You’re a natural!
quests.Horse_12_1.1330420258336.hint=If you don’t own a horse, it’s not a problem! Just find a room with plenty of horses and ask the owner if you can take one for a ride. You can ride a horse by clicking on it and then on “Ride”.
quests.Horse_12_1.1330417308599.hint=Change your looks by clicking on yourself and then the My Clothes button.
quests.Horse_12_1.1331191191234.hint=You need to be riding a horse while talking to other Habbos. Talk to them about how much you enjoy riding, and encourage them to saddle up.
quests.Horse_12_1.1330420258336.desc=Find yourself a horse and take it for a ride.
quests.Horse_12_1.1330417308599.desc=Get ready to ride by wearing your riding helmet.
quests.Horse_12_1.1331191191234.desc=Ride a horse and talk to other Habbos about horse riding. a Test Ride
I can imagine that many people may be jumping for joy at the fact that quests are arriving in the hotel due to competitions hosted & created by staff being axed. The introduction of horse-themed quests could mean that users will actually have something to entertain themselves with for a good few minutes (or hours if the quests become extremely difficult). However, many people have claimed that they find quests “repetitive”, “uninteresting” and “useless” mainly due to how often they occur and the fact that the items you can receive from using you quest currencies are not tradable. Many complaints have been posted about this issue in the Uservoice Forum and Yurre (research staff) responded to the issue by saying that Sulake would consider acting upon the complaints.

It’s time to end this article on a lighter note! Here’s an amusing joke about horses:

Q: What is a horse’s favourite sport?
A: Stable Tennis!

So, will you be purchasing a horse in order to participate in these quests? Will you be logging in and immediately rushing to see the next quest? Or maybe you’ll be thinking “boring” when you see the quest icon? Why not share your view by clicking “Read More & Comment!”

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