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What a Bobba?! – Western Games to show why humans ought to be (seriously) studied1
By - Posted 12th May, 2016 at 10:00 am Entertainment

Ohaio. We are not in the industry of the games so it may be kinda hard to imagine what the great team of the Western world games should imagine before creating a masterpiece, eh?. And, you know… it is even harder to imagine what happens inside their mind when they launch a weird game in the expectation of seeing it becoming the game of the year. If you want to laugh a little, come with us. We’re going to show you 2 WESTERN GAMES THAT SHOW WHY HUMANS OUGHT TO BE (SERIOUSLY) STUDIED!

See the world by a different perspective. Be a Mosquito.

We have so much to learn from the Western world. The intuition learning. Peace of mind, altruism… and that characteristic weirdness. The Japanese game Mister Mosquito (KA in Japan {which literally means ‘mosquito’}, PS2, 2002) is a great example of it. It allows you to be a flying blood-sucker looking for victims in a common family house, with the mom, dad, daughter… and well, every level is a different room, with the people doing ordinary things like watching TV, taking a bath, and you’ll really face a real battle between the giant family members if you don’t make your job carefully. Your win the game if you can fill your belly sucking their blood. It’s a so eccentric game that even speaking about it sounds strange! But c’mon, when we first heard about it, we can’t help ourselves wanting to play it and see how a Mosquito feels like.

(: 1 Billion to Go (:

Our task in Hong Kong 97 (SNES, 1995) is clear and simple: To wipe out all 1.2 billion people in China because its crime rate has increased thanks to the Chinese Mainland’s people immigration. After the introduction, the game starts without any warning. (What usually follows is an instant game over.) How can you (try to) win this game? Simply walking in a repetitive background full of repetitive people and repetitive gameplay (Something similar to Space Invaders but the enemies here are 5x faster,) images converted to the SNES’s limited palette and a 7-second song that loops since the moment you put the CD of the game until you turn off it … it’s a torture, but the irony is that the company which produced Hong Kong 97 is called “HappySoft”. It was a hit for being a flop!

These guys really know how to make a game!

It’s time to go but… whenever you feel sad about how weird your drawing or game is… try to remember these masterpieces above, maybe you’ll feel a little better. 😉

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    elliemarie1995 commented on 13th November, 2016

    ginaa x

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