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What the bobba?!: 3 really weird games2
By - Posted 1st May, 2016 at 10:00 pm Entertainment

Hey! Fortunately, the video game industry is not only composed of glorious moments. We are human after all, and it’s the mistakes and the necessary boldness that make us stronger and more experienced! In this article we will show you 4 of the strangest games/consoles ever heard that, for good or evil, caused much strangeness or delight even to the less demanding players!


Amazing Frog?

Most of the time game developers do not market research before creating their products. But anyway, it’s hard to imagine what the Fayju crew thought before developing the idea of this game. If you add the complexity of a game like GTA with the simplicity of an Arcade adventure you’ll get Amazing Frog, a 3D parkour game made for the procrastinators! Hey, you don’t even need to care about the plot, the enemies and the life counter. Just focus on yourself (a frog) and the empty 3D city, trying to jump higher and higher, doesn’t matter where, and… this is it. That’s what a frog usually does. It’s making considerable success in the world, proving that even the purest Sandbox game can deeply touch the player’s heart!

Catch the Sperm (Unlimited)

It is with great pride that I present to you one of the games that marked my childhood. I still remember when I bought my first CD with 300+ random games that, in a way, helped me to define myself as a person! I still remember the day I showed Catch the Sperm (Unlimited) (one of the games contained on this CD) to my parents, who saw it and found the game’s idea embarrassing but fun! This is not a +18 game at all, though, and everybody can play this odd but educational game!

You’re a moving container who is exploring a “cave” full of sperms and some strange monsters representing the sexual diseases. Your objective is to forbid them to keep moving in the cave, blocking their way and saving the life of someone, while you make points and listen to a surprisingly amusing soundtrack. But… your weapon?… You don’t have to use a weapon, a simple condom container’s more than enough!

As everything in the popular culture, the gaming industries are always remembered for its stronger points and best-sellers, giving this false impression of invulnerability! Since we’re humans after all, there’s this almost unseen side of the gaming world that shows the failed innovation attempts of companies such as Nintendo.

It was released in 2002 and it worked as an effective way to keep the people of all ages conscious about the danger of the HIV and AIDS. Recommended!

Virtual (not virtuoso) Boy

The new technologies from the 90s allowed new types of games to be released, and it looked like the video game companies were seizing opportunities for innovation with claws and teeth. Nintendo was one of them. We know its revolutions with analog controls, 64-bit tape and the Gameboy. In addition to the failure of Nintendo64DD, another console was forgotten with time and shows that even a company recognized by the successes can make bizarre mistakes. We’re talking about Virtual Boy, the shy successor to the Gameboy!

3D technology was winning its place in the world, especially in the movies. Nintendo bet on this technology in a handheld game console that… actually, it was not that “handheld”. It was a big red box (actually 3D glasses) coupled to a joystick that fit to your head in a way that could destroy your spine in a few seconds; and since the glasses were the console screen itself (with colors limited to red and black), you would feel a strong headache after a few minutes of gameplay. Yes, it was a fiasco. Nevertheless, famous franchises games have been made for this console, such as Mario Tennis and Wario Land (The latter probably the best of the Virtual Boy… but will we be alive to play 100% of it?).

Definitely, we need games and consoles like these to find out that there is only crazy people in this world. Why just settle for the classics? The gaming world is an endless universe that, surprisingly, grows every day.

How about you? Do you know a crazy game like these above? Maybe with some jumping frogs or senseless physics? If so, don’t hesitate to share it with us in the comments below. See you in the next adventure, guys!

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    lawrawrrr commented on 2nd May, 2016

    THESE LOOK RIDICULOUS WTF IS THAT SPERM GAME literally going to play now

    can we get these added to the arcade chris

    Ashley9281 commented on 12th November, 2016

    I don’t think these would be appropriate games especially the sperm one..what are some people thinking! weird

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