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Red’s Pokémon Adventure: Part 1 (Choosing a Starter)0
By - Posted 2nd March, 2018 at 10:38 pm

So I have run out of poems for Poetic Friday, but I got something amazing for you guys! I grew up with the original Pokémon Red game, so what I’ve got for you guys is a fanfiction of this game.

I hope you guys are as hyped for this as I am 😀

Red’s Pokémon Adventure: Part 1 (Choosing a Starter)

Hey, my name is Red and I am 10 years old. I live in the quiet little Pallet Town, but I will get out soon because tomorrow I am going to Professor Oak for my very first Pokémon and I am very excited.

Before bed I watch the Pokémon League finals; it is a match between the poison-and-ghost-type Gengar and the poison-type Nidorino. During the match, my mum comes in and tells me it is time for bed – I dont really mind because tomorrow is a big day, so I hurry to bed.

Next morning when I wake up I run to Professor Oak’s lab but I cannot find him anywhere. I am thinking he probably went to the Pokémart in Viridian City to pick up some things, but as soon as I go into the grass he comes running.

Hey Red, wild Pokémon live in the tall grass; it is dangerous to go out there without a Pokémon! Come to my lab so you can get your first Pokémon.

In Professor Oak’s lab I find his grandson Gary waiting. “Hey Gramps, why did you call me here?” he whines. I have always hated that kid, he is so annoying, but nothing can kill my mood right now. Professor Oak looks at us and says, “Oh yeah I totally forgot, you guys need to pick out your starter Pokémon! You can go first Red. Pick one of the 3 Pokémon in the Pokéballs over there.

I walk towards the Pokéballs to see what Pokémon there were to choose from.

The first Pokémon is a Bulbasaur, a grass-type Pokémon. He is good with status attacks and a very good counter for the first 2 gyms along the road from Pallet because they are weak to grass. However working with a Bulbasaur takes alot of strategic thinking, and I am not much of a strategic thinker.

The second Pokémon is a Squirtle, a water-type Pokémon. He has high defense and special defense so he is good if you want a Pokémon who is going to take a lot of hits. This could be a good option but water types are very common so I would probably find a lot of them on my journey.

The last Pokémon is Charmander, a fire-type Pokémon. He has high attack, special attack, and speed. He has a few disadvantages against the first 2 gyms but with time he will grow into a very strong Pokémon… if he is raised by the right trainer. Charmander is my favourite Pokémon, so as soon as I see it was him my mind is made up!

I will take Charmander, Professor.” I say to Professor Oak, and put the Pokéball in my pocket.
Fine, then I will take Squirtle.” Gary says without hesitation. Of course he would pick the Pokémon that is strong against mine.
Hey before you go I need a favour from you guys. The thing is that the reason you got your first Pokémon is so you can help with my research” Professor Oak says, and brings out 2 strange electronic devices. “These are Pokédexes they are used to collect data about Pokémon. I want you to take them with you on your journey so I can collect data for my research.

Professor Oak hands us each a Pokédex and Gary says “Ha. You can count on me Gramps, but I wouldn’t count on that weakling! He can probably not even make it to the first gym. Hey, weakling, before we go let’s have a Pokémon battle.

I step up to Gary, Pokéball in hand, and we both cast out at the same time.

It’s a heated battle! Squirtle doesn’t know any water moves yet so it’s pretty equal, but the battle ends with my Charmander scratching Squirtle one last time before Squirtle faints and is defeated.

Very nice, I see you both have a very special bond with your Pokémons, this will be an exciting journey for you both.” Professor Oak says. I nod and give my Charmander a victory hug before I send him back into his Pokéball.

Before going to Viridian City, the first step of my long journey, I go home to show my mum my new Pokémon and say a tearful goodbye. She’s very happy despite her worries, and gives me a gift before I leave; a pair of running shoes! “These shoes are important for you to run fast in your long journey, you should see Daisy next door before you leave town. I heard she also has a gift for your journey.

Daisy is Gary’s sister and she lives next door to me. I walk over to her house and tell her I’m going on a journey just like her brother, and she gives me a map of the whole of Kanto – the region we live in. I’m ready to go.

I step up towards the tall grass on the way to Viridian City, and just a few steps into the grass I’m met by my first wild Pokémon encounter…


Leave a comment below about your Pokémon experience and what your favourite starter is!

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