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Redtiz Visits the Habbox Helpdesk!0
By - Posted 4th July, 2015 at 9:13 pm
Redtiz Visits the Helpdesk!Redtiz in the Helpdesk!

On the 12th May 2011, Redtiz (Habbo’s community manager) visited our very own Helpdesk! She sat there for 
just over an hour answering all of your questions! It was quite full for most of the time, and if you missed her, don’t worry! You can read an (almost full) transcript of the busy interview right here, split into easy-to access sections – Habbo, her Job, Personal Life and most importantly, Gossip!

Redtiz leaves us a Hello from Habbo staff!



Do habbo staff get free credits?
Habbo staff can give themselves credits to test things that need credits for, yes.

How did you find out about Habbo? Did you use to play?
Nope, I never played on Habbo before I worked here.

If you could play any Habbo game in real life, which one would it be?
I would do Snowstorm… I’ve never lived anywhere with enough snow though frown.gif

What do you think of the name deletions?
It seems like a good idea to free up all those names which can’t be used.

How often do you come on Habbo?
Not that often! I come on generall to test things.

Do you think we should get a UK manager?
Well we had one, but lost her – so we won’t get one back.

Do you think moderators have got a flinchy trigger finger with banning?
Some moderators, yes. Those moderators get told off, though.

Who is your favourite Staff member on Habbo?
I like 0rca and Jet in the Netherlands.

How did you find out about Habbo?
I actually saw it back in 2001 when I worked elsewhere!

Is it true that something like the X programme is coming back?
No, that’s not true.

Her Job
What does your job involve?
My job involves looking after all the community managers round the Habbo world.

Are you allowed to ban other users?
I can ban users, yes. I don’t though, because I don’t moderate.

What do you work for then?
I work for a team called ‘Global Operations’.

What does your day-to-day job involve? What tasks?
Lots of paperwork! I create policis and guidelines which community managers have to live by. I also train the community managers.

Does that mean you have to travel to train different countries managers?
Yes, I do sometimes have to travel.

Please describe your feelings about Habbox
I think it’s a good fansite! A lot of work went into it. Habbox has the best forum IMO.

Do you think fansites should be advertised more?
I think more should be done for fansites – yes.

Do you listen to fansite radios regularly?
Not that often – I generally have Spotify going.

Have you ever been to a Habbox event?
Yes, I’ve been to Habbox events before now.
Personal Life
Is it true that you are Welsh Redtiz, if so, rydw i’n hoffi coffi?
No – I’m not Welsh but I did live in Wales.

Are you multilingual if you work with comm manager all over the world?
No – everyone at Sulake has to be fluent in English (thank god)!

Why did you pick Sulake?
It seemed like a nice product to work on. Before here I worked at AOL so it was a change smile.gif

Have you ever e-dated someone?
Never. God no. Eurrggh.

Did you play any online games before getting your job on Habbo?
Yes, I’ve been an online gamer for about 17 years!

Do you like Twilight, Jedward or Dappy?
Can’t stand them – sorry!

What’s your music taste like?
Justin Beiber is absolutely AWFUL. My Chemical Romance are ok smile.gif

What’s your favourite song?
I don’t have one favourite song, it changes depending on my mood.

How did you com up with the name ‘Redtiz’?
I fot the name from a character I used to play on Dark Ages of Camelot – she was a halfling with red hair called ‘Tiz’

Where do you live?
I live in Gloucestershire.

Do you like Britains Got Talent?
I don’t watch it – I really hate those kind of shows, like BGT and X-Factor.

Do you work at home or at the Habbo offices?
I work permanently from home – on my trusty iMac!

What browser do you use?

What’s your favourite iPhone app?
Angry Birds is up there (obviously) and it’s nice that the iPlayer and that are now on the iPad. Infinity Blade was a good app! Though I got stuck on it…
Got any hot gossip for us, Redtiz?
Heidster who was the old UK Community Manager makes the most excellent machinma – films done on virtual worlds. In fact, she’s so good, a famous film director got her to make a film for him which was shown at Cannes!
Ludus lost his job with others in the UK because of the site merge.
Once in the UK office, they had a ton of cardboard boxes to throw, instead they made them into a massive cardboard castle! And then Callie got stuck in it…

We’d like to thank her so much for her time in answering our questions, even if we did lag her a lot! Don’t forget, if you’ve still got those burning questions for a member of Habbo Staff, you still have time to get your questions in for 0rca’s visit… click here for more information!

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