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Retro Reporters & Fansite Badges0
By - Posted 4th July, 2015 at 9:44 pm

Habbo starting to enforce Retro Reporting?! Read more…

Hello Habbox! We have received some new information at News HQ, this consists of some new badge finds. These particular badges are intriguing towards the community as they pose the question; are Habbo enforcing the removal of Retro sites? We found some new badges which you can see to the right of this text – it does clearly display two badges, one named ‘Retro Reporter‘ and the alternative badge named ‘Fansite‘.

We shall move onto the Fansite badge a little bit later, but for now, let us discuss the new Retro Reporter badge. Now It doesn’t take a genius to realise that Retros are bad and Habbo are doing everything within their power to bring down all of them. However this badge would suggest that Habbo are allowing users to report Retros and even get a badge for it. This may not be the case but this is what the majority of the community are suggesting. Many of the Habbox community are saying that both of the badge designs are extremely ugly, some of the members are also suggesting that the ‘H’ was taken from a font generator; how cheap!

We are aware that Habbo are in connection with their official fansites, as we also know they hand out badges to the management of the fansites for them to display on Habbo, within the client. However recently we have discovered that Habbo are changing the design of the Fansite badge quite a lot; although we can’t be sure that this badge is for Fansite owners, surely we can pressume this is what it’s made for?

What do you think? Are Habbo going to enforce Retro elimination? Click “Read More & Comment” and let us know!

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