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[REVIEW] [Will] Mega Arcade0
By - Posted 4th July, 2015 at 9:29 pm

[Will] Mega Arcade ~ Owner: Pigperson


A large Habbo room, with a cheap yet classy colour scheme and the ability to make your credits double in seconds! This is not just a Mega Arcade this is Pigperson’s Mega Arcade! You may feel what’s so good about it? When the question really is what is not good about it? This review will give you the ins and outs of this marvellous room! Maybe it will persuade you to go, who knows?
Firstly, there are many Mega Arcade’s out there, but not many can say they are an official Habbox room! Not many can say they make people earn plenty of credits in minutes, but with this you can. 
What is there to do at the Mega Arcade?
There are many games within the establishment, some include: 
Dai Sai
Bouncing Pods
With a lot more waiting to be found by you! There are plenty of variety in these luck games so why not go and win some credits now?
How can I win credits?
Playing the games helps a lot, but how do you play? Is one of the key questions. Pointer is one of the easiest games and requires little effort to play, with a nice, affordable price of 5 credits a go who can complain?
The game area is filled with Arrow Plates, Small Crates and Random Banzai Teleports (see beside). 
You must walk in the game area (entrance situated behind the Blue Laser Portal) and you will be teleported to another teleport, you win by having Arrow Plates facing towards you! If you are lucky enough to have 4 arrows facing you, you win the massive jackpot of 30 credits. That’s a big profit from paying 5 credits! That’s not all though, 2 arrows mean 10 credits for you and 3 arrows mean 20 credits! So good luck. You must be in it to win it!

Other games are easy too, so again go down yourself and click on the stickies to find out what else is in the arcade!

This is a well built room that follows a calm, blue colour scheme with light dividers, colour tiles and the good old fashion scoreboards and the consistency of the room is amazing. The wired is well hidden, the furniture range used fits and the games are all compact and fit nicely together; with room to have a VIP section and a small seated area for the spectators!

However, with good aspects comes not so good ones, with the construction of the room being delicate and the stacking intricate some items in the room are fragile and must not be moved otherwise you could be faced with an angry owner who hasn’t got the time to stack everything again! 

There are added features to the fabulous arcade; colour changing light dividers (coming soon) with a click of a button all the light dividers will change! Wired messages explaining the rules each time you go to play the game, telling you what to do when your game is over! A lot of secrets to find out yourself! Have fun there and good luck.

(If you ever want to play add me on Habbo as I am an official dealer there, I will happily fund your arcade needs).

Check out the room and tell me what you think, I would love to hear your views!

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