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Rise Against's New Single!0
By - Posted 4th July, 2015 at 9:07 pm

17hgekefhwrew.pngYou better sit down before I tell you this because I nearly fainted! Rise Against have released a single from their upcoming album Endgame which will be released March 15th 2011! So save up some money, grab your headphones and buy buy buy! 

I am very excited to announce this as Rise Against are actually my favourite band but before I go on about how much I love them, let me tell you a little more about this amazing band! First of all you probably know them from either Kerrang Radio as they play them on there quite often or even off Guitar Hero games. My sister told me about this band and as soon as I heard a song of them I was already obsessed!

They’ve been very famous on Kerrang, especially with one of their songs off the album Appeal To Reason which was released in 2008 and that song obviously has to be Savior! One of my other favourite songs from this amazing and beautiful band is indeed Prayer Of The Refugee which was infact on Guitar Hero 3!

Now you know of the band here is the information about the best part of this article! Their sixth Studio Album will be coming out next month and I can not wait. They already have four confirmed songs and if Endgame is anything like Appeal To Reason then I shall be the first one at the store when it comes out! Being a band for 12 years now I hope that this album will not be their last!

To hear this brand new single, click “Read More”!

Click here!

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