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Rishell Biermann has Left Sulake!0
By - Posted 4th July, 2015 at 9:41 pm

Rishell Biermann, the Senior Manager of Social Media Products, has quit the Habbo team.

Shown in the left of the picture, Rishell (known as Rei in the staff community), sported quite an outlandish look, with large, diva glasses and a tall hairstyle when she was staff, but people have been speculating that she may have resigned from her position  due to a lack of activity on her Twitter and absence from Behind the Pixels posts.

The last post on her Twitter was made on June 19th, nearly 7 weeks ago, which caused many to believe she was no longer involved in the running of Habbo. However, nobody has been able to give a definitive answer on her status as staff until recently. 

LinkedIn is a social platform where professionals can have access to new work in their occupation as well as make contacts to each other in order to expand their knowledge of the community involved. Rishell, as a skilled member of businesses such as EA, Zynga and Playdom, has a profile on LinkedIn, which states that she left Habbo last month: April 2012 — July 2012 (4 months)“.

It is unknown as to why she is no longer part of Sulake operations, or whether she left of her own accord, but what’s sure is Sulake will need to yet again hire a new employee to fill another empty gap.

But what do you think? Are you sad that Rishell has now been confirmed to have left the team? Or are you glad she won’t have an influence onHabbo anymore? Leave your thoughts below! Remember to be logged in!

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