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Room review: ☼Starbucks Coffee Co.☼0
By - Posted 4th July, 2015 at 9:29 pm

☼Starbucks Coffe Co.☼

Owned by DallasLee1


Starbucks is the place to be this Christmas! Whether you fancy a caramel frappucino, or the traditional hot chocolate – starbucks can provide it for you! The room is structured exactly like your regular Starbucks would be, with sleek and stylish office furniture – yet still providing a welcoming atmosphere, so you don’t feel like you’re stuck at work in an office! There is a clear service area which is controlled by normal Habbo users, and a huge seating area where you can socialise with others… and maybe even make some new friends. The room is perfectly themed for the festive season and manages to portray a sense of joy to all!

We’ve only just started discussing this room and I’m already craving a caramel frappucino with extra cream!

Design Pros

The different sections of the room are clearly displayed and are laid out in a rather attractive way; you enter through the ‘door’ on the wintery outside street, then take a stroll through the cafe (whilst admiring it’s decorations) and then finally reaching the till where you can grab a quick cup of coffee… this has clearly managed to represent a stereotypical day for a ‘regular’ at Starbucks, which is a brilliant feature to have. The café is well decorated with a variety of Christmas items on cute displays (especially the teddy bears – they’re adorable) which are bound to get people into the festive mood – they also have a reindeer pulling a santa sleigh, in case you wish to roleplay as Santa Claus!

A very intriguing and efficient feature in this room is the wired which makes an espresso machine appear, this is incredibly useful in case there is a shortage or staff or if you just fancy making your own coffee! This café also impresses me due to it’s sheer strength in technology – there are laptops on 3 out of 4 tables, 2 televisions & mini computer area in just 1 cafe! We can clearly see this café is leading the way in technology, with a huge range of multimedia and cleverly crafted wired!

Finally, my favourite design pro would have to be the skyscraper walls. They fit in perfectly with the kind of location you would expect Starbucks to be in, and they surprisingly suit the festive theme rather nicely… especially by being placed next to the snowy street!

Design Cons

Although the room conveys a warm, welcoming atmosphere, we have to admit that there are some bad aspects about this room which can turn people away! 

Don’t even get me started on the presents around the tree. There’s too many! The presents are clogging up all the space on the tree, and we can’t enjoy the true beauty and miracle of the tree if we can’t even see it. Also, the ‘water tubes’… are completely out of theme with the entire room; they look very similar to something you would find in a chemical factory or a sewer, definitely not in Starbucks!

Also, I deeply feel that the seating area should not be completely symmetrical. There should be a mixture of 1, 2, 3 and 4 seater tables in different parts of the café so there is increased space and so that the overall design/layout of the room looks more intriguing. 

Apart from that, the only other feature that annoys me is the 2 icy corner dividers which are placed inside the cafe. They don’t match the sleek and stylish theme at all, they’re incredibly random and look very out of place.

Room Rating

On behalf of the Habbox team, I would give this room a rating of 8 out of 10! I have given this score due to the owner’s ability to successfully make comparisons between stereotypical a Starbucks and a pixelated Starbucks – which is incredibly hard to do, and a proud thing to achieve. They have successfully managed to incorporate a festive theme into the café which can be rather difficult for a normal room, but they have managed to pull it off fantastically! The snowman, the presents and the tree all seem so magical… combined with Santa’s sleigh, it makes the room seem like a festive utopia (dream world.)

The owner has also done a good job at providing a service for users who wish to ‘help out’ on Habbo – e.g. by serving customers. This is bound to improve the amount of users visiting the room – users who will enjoy serving customers, whilst enjoying the decor of the room! The room also provides a wide range of drinks (tea, mocha, espresso etc.) so there won’t be whiny users saying “OMG, I WANT A MOCHA NOW! WHY DON’T YOU HAVE IT?!”.

The reasons that this room didn’t achieve 10 out of 10 is due to some of the items in the room being ‘out of place’ or not well laid-out. The rock walls and the water tubes are incredibly out of place and don’t really suit a stylish place such as Starbucks, it is more suited to a sewer – not very appealing for a well-known restaurant. The icy corner blocks are also slightly out of place, and definitely do not match with the rest of the café, even if it is a festive theme!

Room Improvements

As mentioned earlier, the furniture that is out of placed should definitely be removed/replaced – the rock dividers, icy corner blocks and water tubes simply do not work well in a Starbucks, the icy corner blocks could possibly be replaced with ‘deluxe sitting room lamps’ to maintain a high level of sophistication. As for the rock dividers and water tubes, they could potentially be replaced with kitchen corner blocks and possibly some food items along the top – e.g. gingerbread houses.

The seating layout should also be changed so that the overall structure of the café looks more intriguing and peculiar, and so that not every single person has to share a table with someone else… people need space!

Oh a final suggestion – the room nearly has the festive theme absolutely perfect, but a hot chocolate machine would be absolutely divine!

Oh and finally, thank you to the owner for creating such a fabulous room!

You’ve heard our opinion, now it’s time to hear yours! Share your opinion on this room by clicking ‘Read More & Comment’!

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