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[Room Review] Aberina Park!0
By - Posted 4th July, 2015 at 9:31 pm

☼Aberina Park☼
Created by ‘vegasRock’ (previously called ‘JohnnyFishcake)


Aberina Park is Habbo’s number 1 hang-out place… all year round! Whether you fancy taking a quick stroll around the park, teaching your pets new tricks (as seen in the screenshot) or partaking in a casual chat with friends, ‘Aberina Park’ can assist you with all that and more. The room size is very traditional and the interior (or should I say exterior because it’s a park…) presents a very simple, calm and collected atmosphere. The park has existed for nearly 2 years now, and has become very popular over-time… obviously due to its beautiful design!

Design Pros

Where to start?! This room literally screams “Stunning”. The centre of the park has a beautiful layout and choice of furniture which has been cleverly integrated into the room – you honestly wouldn’t think that ‘iced’ furniture would go well inside a park… we’ve been proved wrong – it looks fantastic inside the park! There are enough seats in the middle to encourage a conversation whilst enjoying the blissful view of the water fountain and flower ornaments (which also look fantastic in any room!)

The ‘lost tribe’ patches have also been used in a very ‘cute’ and attractive pattern – there aren’t too many to make you think that the room is actually a forest, nor are there too little so that it seems pointless to even place them down. 15 patches all connected = just right.

Also, I simply cannot get over how well the ‘country’ furniture has been used. There are wall patches covering every inch of wall… this always looks fantastic (wall patches only covering parts of walls looks quite messy.) The hedges are also arranged rather nicely and don’t even get me started on how fantastically placed the ‘4 seasons tree’ is.

Design Cons

Although the room does have some very strong and positive points surrounding it, there are unfortunately a fair few design “problems”.

The item which bugs me the most about this room is the ‘cinema benches’. They simply do not work well with a park… they should only be used in a cinema or a similar indoor recreational facility – NEVER in a park/other outside facility. They should be replaced by ‘merged’ park benches or maybe picnic seats.

Finally – the only other design con is the lack of flowers. Inside a park you would expect there to be a fair few flowers around the place, not savannah trees… we don’t live in the desert?! We are not suggesting that the owner goes over the top and places a flower in every other spot because that would simply be a recipe for disaster.

Room Rating

On behalf of the Habbox team, I give this room a rating of 9 out of 10! We have given the room this rating due to the owner’s ability to incorporate a wide number of furniture items and furniture ranges into the park successfully – even some you wouldn’t expect to be in a park (i.e. ‘iced’ benches) which is an incredibly difficult thing to do at times. They have managed to lay out the room in a simple and relaxing fashion without any ‘stacking skills’ or illusion involved.

The room size is also decent enough to accommodate a wide number of people – the room is often found at the top of ‘Rooms with most visitors’ and achieves masses of rates daily… a big room size was absolutely vital for this room and not too big a room size. The amount of lagg that occurs inside 700+ tile rooms is unreal! So, definitely a good choice of room size.

What pleases me most about the room is its simplicity. There are so many dating and adoption rooms in Habbo now-a-days, so seeing a park is a fairly nice treat from the usual “SEXY SINGLES” which is displayed at the top of ‘Rooms with most visitors’ nearly every time I check. The park brings a sense of calm and peace to the hotel – an absolute necessity


There are only a few improvements which we could suggest for this room – the room is just too good!

1) Add more flowers. As mentioned earlier, there are simply not enough flowers in the room at all – it’s more of a plain back garden without the flowers. All colours, shapes and sizes need to be placed in there to create a nice colourful spectrum and brighten up the atmosphere inside the room. We would recommend 1 space flowers only.

2) Remove the cinema benches. They don’t match at all – they really do need to be restricted to rooms designed similarly to ‘indoor facilities’… they do not work well with a park!!!

3) Place ‘Habbox are amazing’ in the room description! – We joke ;].

Finally – thank you to the owner for creating such a superb room!

(Also, for those who were wondering – ‘Aberina’ is the name of one of vegasRock’s old friends!)

You’ve heard our opinion, now it’s time to hear yours! Share your opinion on this room by clicking ‘Read More & Comment’!

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