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[Room Review] Alice In Wonderland!0
By - Posted 4th July, 2015 at 9:33 pm

♥Alice In Wonderland♥
Created by Dust

It’s time to step into a magical land of fantasy, discover your dreams and live them by entering ‘Wonderland’! Dust has done a superb job of recreating specific landscapes from ‘Wonderland’ and has incorporated a lot of interesting furniture combinations into the room  which makes it absolutely fabulous. This room really opens up your imagination and just makes you want to bounce off the ceiling because of it’s exquisite level of creativity – ‘Alice in Wonderland’ is a place I wish to remain in for the rest of my life.
Design Pros
Due to the room being based on a fairly random and unique world, it is quite hard to judge what is a design pro and what isn’t – however, it is still possible! The idyllic lake area is simply beautiful, it presents a fairly calm and tranquil image with a wide variety of nature blossoming all around the lake. The rainbow is cleverly placed so that it seems to be going over the entire pond & I must say, the chair placed next to the lake looks pretty good actually – I’d love to sit by a serene lake and read a book… ah, I love peace.
Also, the castle area has been beautifully created – the use of gnomes is very imaginative and the path leading up to the castle is simple and cute. The theme of love (inside and outside the castle) really stands out and relates perfectly to ‘the Queen of Hearts’, yet again, another feature they have managed to make incredibly similar to the film/book.
The forest is simply marvelous as well! You couldn’t get a more mystical and colourful forest on Habbo… the mass array of colourful plants just makes you want to stare at them all day long. I’m also impressed they managed to place a seat in there which didn’t look too abstract – now I will be able to relax in the woods and not stick-out (don’t you just hate it when all eyes are on you.)
Design Cons
Yes, unfortunately there are some design mistakes in this room!
The very first section (with the diner floor patches) does not look very appealing. It is a very good attempt to recreate a scene from the film/book, but in this case, it doesn’t suit the room well due to too much “spare space” and a lot furniture ‘getting in the way’. This can be fairly irritating for people who have only just visited the room for the first time.
Also, the HoloHearts are incredibly out of place. Most of the room is presenting a strong theme of nature and imagination, whereas the HoloHearts just seem too “advanced” for an Alice in Wonderland landscape – I don’t think the Queen of Hearts had the technology to create holographic images.
Those seem to be the only 2 design problems with the room – the Bubblegum Machine and the Birdbath do look a bit out of place, but it’s not a major issue.
Room Rating
On behalf of Habbox, I give this room a rating of 8.5 out of 10! The reason the room has received this rating is because the owner has successfully managed to create a comparison between the film (or book) and the room – both titled ‘Alice in Wonderland’. This is an extraordinary thing to do, and for ‘bonus’ points, the owner has managed to create a room which can be twisted to suit anyone’s imagination & thus bright up their day (especially with the amount of colourful flowers in there!)
This rating has also been achieved because of the positive atmosphere you instantly receive when you enter the room – it’s like heaven on Earth!
There is not much to suggest here, due to the room receiving such a fantastic rate – but never the less, there are still some adjustments which should be made.
“Out of place furniture” – I personally feel that the Bubblegum Machine, the Birdbath and the HoloHearts are all incredibly out of place. The HoloHearts need to be removed to maintain the strong comparison between the room and the film/book, but the Bubblegum Machine and Birdbath can simply be relocated to a more suitable area.
Edit the first section – it may be quite realistic when it comes to comparisons, but there is too much space on the floor and way too many items hanging around in the air. It just makes it an absolute nightmare to walk around (you think you’re clicking on an empty space, and it turns out it’s not = irritating.)
* We should also mention before we wrap up this article, that this room was discovered via the use of a room hopper (although it is not visible in the screenshot), proving that they do have some good use after all!
Thank you to the owner for creating such a splendid room and be sure to read all the other room reviews on the site! Also, if you have a comment for this story, why not post it by clicking ‘Read More & Comment’!

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