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Room Review: Habbo Park with VIP beach area0
By - Posted 4th July, 2015 at 9:37 pm

Habbo Park with VIP beach area
Owned by Salukorana


Habbo Park with the VIP beach area is a very classy and appealing room. The room is rather large, however, it is decorated well and everything flows smoothly. The use of space is excellent in this room and has a nice contrast of colours. I like the idea that there is a park and a beach in the same room and the surroundings for the people in the room are really nice. With the fencing and gates, it gives the room a secluded feel but it’s not too private, there are still areas for people to swim and mingle and just generally hang out with fellow users. The VIP beach area isn’t just any old beach, it’s got the latest furniture for Habbo’s to relax and soak up some sun.

Design Pro’s

The room overall is well laid out and I like the fact that a lot of hard work has been put into making this room. Even though the room has a lot of furniture in, it is still quite easy to walk around and a lot of time has been taken to make different areas with different flooring and walls. When you first enter the room, you are in the park and it does actually feel like a park. I love the artist stand with a painting on it as it gives a unique feeling to the room as this does happen in real parks.  I like the little extra small furniture, for example the crab and penguin statue. Even though they’re very small pieces of furniture in the room, they have a huge impact on the overall impression.

In the VIP beach area, you can also access another part of the park. I am really impressed by the water feature at the bottom hand side of the screen; it brightens up the room and is placed very well because it is instantly noticeable. Lastly, I like the quirkiness of the room, everything is placed well but looks random in a good way – it isn’t your typical park and beach.

When this room is busy, it’s a really nice place to hang out and chill and just take your mind off things.

Design Con’s

Even though it is a great room, there are still a few downfalls in my eyes which should be addressed. Firstly, when the room is full, the main section of the park where everybody enters can get really packed and for those users who don’t understand how to use the VIP gate system, it can take a while for the backlog of users who want to access the beach to get through. I personally think that they should have the made the park a tiny bit bigger for normal users who don’t want to join their group but I can see why they have made it so small, to attract more Habbo’s to join the group and enter their VIP beach.

Another thing which lets down the room which is a minor piece of furniture but has a big impact on the room is the bin at the bottom of the room in the sea on the right hand side. The bin shouldn’t be placed in the sea because it isn’t realistic and it feels like it’s just been placed there because the owner had it in their furniture list.

Finally, I think that there could be more deck chairs so that more users can sit down and it will make the room look more realistic.  

Room improvements

There are only really three things that this room could improve on because I like its unique design. Firstly, I think they should add some more deck chairs so more Habbo users can sit down and relax in the sun. Secondly, the owner should move the bin out of the sea because it’s not realistic and finally, I think there should be some more butterflies and brighter colours in the park.

Overall, I would give this room 8/10 seeing as it is so unique and a lot of planning has been done.

Thank you very much to the owner for creating this stunning room for Habbo’s to use and hang out, it really is amazing!
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