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Room Review: Hollywood Spa0
By - Posted 4th July, 2015 at 9:33 pm

Hollywood Spa
Created by MzzHollywood


Massages, Facials and Pedicures – You name it and Hollywood Spa will have it! Hollywood Spa deserves to be filled with visitors every second… and maybe some potential celebrities (Lady BlaBla, The BanzaiBabes etc.) should check out the spa once in a while. At a first glance the room seems to have a fairly nice layout & colour scheme and most of the furniture chosen suits a spa-themed room. There are some bad aspects of the room but all of that will be mentioned later in the room review. Now, let’s get started before I miss my massage appointment with the hot masseuse…

Design pros

I simply have to say this; the area with the Finnish saunas and HC bathtubs is amazing. All the furniture in that section match perfectly and the owner has been incredibly innovative with the combination of a sauna and a bathtub. The massage area (with the room hopper) is simply fantastic. The array of fruit and plants combine well together and the use of a ‘jar of green liquid’ is a very clever and imaginative alternative to oil. The room hopper also seems to fit into the room surprisingly well, something I honestly didn’t expect to happen.

The jacuzzi and shower areas are also laid out nicely. The relax walls have been used perfectly and the glass dividers work surprisingly well… unless you want a private shower (in which case you’ll end up with peeping Toms.) Although I’m not sure I’d want my hair products getting drenched with water every time someone has a shower…

Finally, I have to say that the fountain in the reception area looks stunning (those fountains always do look like a nice piece of decor.)

Design cons

Whilst this room does manage to uphold a decent level of style and sophistication, it still has some design errors!

The area containing the solariums and sci-fi control panels does not fit in at all. It is a fairly good attempt at mimicking a real-life spa but it simply doesn’t work… sci-fi is for hospitals or space role-plays, not a spa! Also, the same area seems to be lacking decoration, it looks fairly bare and empty. Some plants or extra chairs would probably make that section seem more appealing.

The reception doesn’t seem fairly organised either. All the furniture seems to be crowded against the wall which just looks “shabby” and horrible. Also, there is no centrepiece… every reception deserves a centrepiece!

Finally, why is there a boutique section? This is a spa… not a fashion house. Even though it does look rather well designed, it simply doesn’t belong there at all (unless the room name is changed.)

Room Rating

On behalf of the Habbox team, I give this room a rating of 7.5 out of 10. The room has achieved this rating because the owner has successfully managed to incorporate a wide range of furniture and make it “fit in” with the overall room theme. They have also been imaginative with the furniture they have used and have managed to create some fabulous displays & colour themes throughout the room.

To raise the room rating the owner needs to make sure that furniture isn’t too tightly packed into 1 space and also to ensure that some of the sections do not seem too bare/empty by decorating them with plants or extra seating.

We thank the owner for creating a magnificent room! If you would like to place a comment for this room review then simply click ‘Read More & Comment’!

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