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It's the Habbox Summer Spectacular!

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It's the Habbox Summer Spectacular!
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Room Review: |♣|Horse Stables & Obstacle Courses!0
By - Posted 4th July, 2015 at 9:36 pm
|♣|Horse Stables & Obstacle Courses!
Owned by Memorilla
What a fabulous time to review a room like this! The introduction of horse obstacles, quests and wings just makes this room an instant candidate for a room review. From a quick glance we can see that this room certainly provides well for people interested in trying out all the new features that were introduced for horses & it also provides for people who wish to ride each others horses. The stable area has been set out beautifully and it is nice to see that obstacle section has a pattern around it – much better than horrid, plain gaps. It’s also nice to see a room with lots of greenery implemented into it. One of the design errors I can see at the moment is due to repetition of furniture, but that’ll be covered later! Let’s get started with the review.
Design Pros
The stable area is absolutely amazing. Every piece of furniture in there works well and it’s nice to see that the designer hasn’t simply stuck to the Horse furniture range but has instead expanded into other categories, such as Christmas (the Christmas Cabin Blocks) and Country (the Scarecrow).Expanding into a variety of furniture ranges is a decent and eye-catching skill to have – especially if the furniture ranges work well together. I also like the use of marble tiles in this room. The marble tile pattern in the “Obstacle Area” livens it up a bit & the marble tiles used for a path from the obstacles to the stable have been used rather nicely – much better than having only grass to fill the gap.
The forest-like area has also been presented and laid out nicely. It’s much better to have some plants to fill that space compared to blacking it out with a room dimmer (but this is usually down to matter of opinion). The plants/trees definitely suit the overall room theme beautifully!
A final design pro for this room would be the almost-spiraling pattern in the obstacle area. It simply has a much better layout compared to a simple line for horses to run across and added to the marble tile layout equals a fantastic “Horse Jumping” arena.
Design Cons
Although this room does appear to be fabulous, there are still 2 major design errors;
1) Repetition of furniture. Sorry, but the same obstacle and the same tree used over and over again is just not exciting at all. It ruins some decent parts of the room and will definitely affect the room rating. We prefer variety, not 1 furniture only.
2) Lack of furniture. In the section containing obstacle courses, there is only 3 types of furniture which makes the area seem a little bland. Maybe a few flowers should have been placed near the obstacles to give the area a little more “jazz“.

 Apart from those 2 issues, the room seems to present good design techniques!
Room Rating
On behalf of the Habbox staff team, I give this room a rating of 8 out of 10! The owner has attained this rating due to being able to mix and match a variety of furniture ranges yet still make them fit into one strong theme and due to the room actually being rather creative compared to most horse-themed rooms in the hotel.

The main improvements that need to be made on the room for it to attain a 10 out of 10 would be to use a variety of furniture in some areas (not repeated use of the same tree) and to add more furniture to some areas which look horribly bland without variety (such as the section with obstacles). However, the room has quite a nice design to it overall!
We thank the owner for creating this room and remember, to share your opinion of it by posting a comment below!

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