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Room Review: Illusion Cube0
By - Posted 4th July, 2015 at 9:34 pm

Illusion Cube
Created by Tania


What a magical illusion! Tania has used her masterful building skills and imaginative room designing skills to create a walk-through cube which is open to absolutely everyone. It is not the first of its kind, but it does have a very impressive interior design compared to other cubes I have come across before. This one has a very eye-catching and enchanting interior which immediately screams “room review” as opposed to the fairly bland and plain cubes I have seen in the past. The choice of furniture seems to be rather clever and it all “matches” well at a first glance, however there are some tweaks that could be made… but that’ll be covered later!

Design Pros

Where to start? I absolutely adore the winter-themed section of the cube, it contains some of the 2011 Christmas furniture (so we definitely know this cube gets updated) and that combined with all the other snowy items equals a fabulous section. The Santa Butlers also look pretty cute – I just love how they’re positioned.

The summer area looks fairly decent as well. There is enough seating available for a busy room and the Tiki Parasol in the corner actually suits that space rather well. I also find it rather intriguing how the Country Rainbow seems to connect to the next level – illusion at its best!

Finally, the “fantasy-like” area looks spectacular. There are very little errors in that section due to the colourful creativity of the flowers and fungi which have been dotted all around the place creating an “Alice in Wonderland” atmosphere. The Country Rainbows also help to sustain this theme – they work fabulously in that section.

Design Cons

Although this room does appear fabulous, there are some slight tweaks that could be made to it!

1) Remove the Well from the summer section. It just does not look “right” at all, it looks incredibly out of place and is more spring themed as opposed to a summer item.
2) Move the Room Hopper! It just makes look the entirety of that corner so crowded and ugly. It should remain in the “fantasy” section but in a different spot… not where it is now.
3) Swap the Shallow Water Patches for Deep Water Patches. They would just suit the beach area slightly more than a shallow area of water. This isn’t a big issue really but it would make the area seem a little more realistic.

Room Rating

On behalf of the Habbox staff team, I give this room a rating of 9 out of 10! The room has achieved this rating because of the owner’s ability to create an optical illusion whilst at the same time designing a fabulous interior for the room. The furniture used combines well together and instantly becomes eye-catching to any person entering the room – it truly is an astonishing room.
The only improvements that need to be made are slight movements of certain furniture items, once that is achieved the room would probably score 10 out of 10!

Once again, congratulations to the creator for designing such a brilliant room and if you wish to place a comment about the room, click “Read More & Comment”.

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