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Room Review: Japanese Hot Springs and Restaurant!0
By - Posted 4th July, 2015 at 9:35 pm

Room Review: Japanese Hot Springs and Restaurant
Designed and created by Hawky

The Zen in this place is already shining through! A quick glance at the room clearly informs us that most items seem to match the main themes (Japan, springs and restaurant) and that they have been used quite well throughout the room. The restaurant seems to strike me first due to its wide array of items and intriguing design but the other segments of the room also have quite intriguing and clever designs. There are some design flaws which I can spot already (such as those ugly Group Banners being placed randomly) but these will be covered later along with the improvements needed.
So, let’s start this review before my Sushi gets stolen…
Design Pros
Ah, I love nearly everything! The entirety of the restaurant I absolutely adore – the Red Pillows combined with the Asian themed tables are just superb, the flooring originally from the ‘Coco‘ furniture range works incredibly well in the restaurant and I actually think that every single piece of furniture designated to be in the kitchen area fits perfectly (yes, even the Country Walls eek.gif). 
Also, those Jade Dragons on top of the Cabin Walls are just stunning.
As for the springs area, although it doesn’t look amazing (this’ll be discussed in “Design Cons”) I do personally like the Bolt of Zeus which has been placed on the water and I think that the Clothing Cubicles have been placed in the right spot – they look somewhat cute next to the flowers.
The entrance area is inevitably my favourite section. Nearly all the pieces of furniture used there look fabulous and really match the room well (still slightly unsure of the Urban Benches) and the entrance monument is just perfect. Simply perfect. Yet again, the rocks and flowers which have been placed on the water look quite good and suit the overall theme of the room quite while.
Psst, don’t tell anyone but I absolutely love the Chinese Rabbit Statue in the entrance section! It’s simply a cute piece of furniture.
Design Cons
Although this room does seem to be quite visually appealing, there are still some design errors which can be spotted!
First, the Group Banners look hideous placed randomly on those 2 Country Walls. They should ideally be moved to somewhere in the restaurant, not next to the Shallow Pool Patches due to it completely ruining that section.
Also, I really dislike that 1 Pier Platform being placed on the grass. You have a Tribal Grass Patch there, why do you need to place something else on it… it’d look absolutely fine without it. It also makes the Rabbit Statue and Tea Maker seem a bit cramped.
Penultimately, the Shallow Pool Patches seem a bit bland with only a large rock in the middle. To create an amazing springs effect, the owner could consider placing Fog or Mist Patches onto them to create the illusion of water vapour. It’s not a major issue but it would certainly liven that section up a great deal.
Finally, sort out the Stickie Notes. They’re so messy and unorganised and seem randomly placed.
Room Rating
On behalf of the Habbox News team, I give this room the rating – 8 out of 10. This is due to the owner using simple yet stunning design techniques (such as the Bolt of Zeus on Shallow Water) combined with the use of furniture that suits the rooms theme well. The room creator has also managed to design each segment to at least a decent standard, there are no major issues in any 1 segment which dramatically affect the rooms rating.
To improve this room, the owner needs to consider making some areas a bit more spacious and removing/editing a lot of cluttered furniture in the room (such as the Stickie Notes) so that the room looks welcoming and tidy. It also wouldn’t hurt to move the Group Banners to a less crowded space – they honestly look hideous there.
A final thank you to the owner for designing such a fabulous room, and if you’d like to comment on the room then please click “Read More & Comment!”

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