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Room Review: River Resturant0
By - Posted 4th July, 2015 at 9:22 pm

River Restaurant
Owned by Splooosh


The River Restaurant is themed on a very posh and high classed restaurant. The kind that will be infested with celeb couples. The room is structured very much like a real life restaurant, you enter and have to go through another set of door, you then see the tills and staff who are ready and waiting to greet you and assign you to a table. Also it has the feel of going into a restaurant and looking around (left and right) to notice everybody else in the restaurant enjoying themselves and their meal.

Design Pro’s

The room i general is laid out very well, the fact that the doors are wired so they become sliding doors is a very good element of the room. The room is spacious and there is a lot of walking space. The room floor is also laid out very well and as we can see from the above image that a lot of time has been spent into putting the whole masterpiece together. The tables are very nice, they have been laid out so that the room has a very romantic feel to it, like when you watch those love movies and see the two people sitting across from each other; holding hands, feeding each other and glaring into one another eyes.

Design Con’s

With the tables being laid out in a very romantic way, they also have their downs; the tables seem very close to one another and with there being quite a lot of floor space to maneuver, they could of been separated a little bit more. Also with the tables being so close together, you wouldn’t want anybody to be eves dropping on your cheeky but yet still romantic conversations now would you?

Another thing that lets the room down is the fact that there is only one main desk for waiting customers to be served. It doesn’t look right in the location it is at the moment and with there only being one desk, it will cause very long quest’s and Habbo’s will start to get very impatient meaning they will leave and the rooms ranking will drop.

 Room Rating

On behalf of the Habbox News team, the rating I would give this room is 7 out of 10. I would give this score because the room is quite a large size so it isn’t all cramped and there is space for many Habbo’s so it will be very rare for the room to be overcrowded and full so that other Habbo’s cannot enter the room. I also like how the room is laid out with the walkway, then the sliding doors where you see a desk so you can be served. I also like how the seating areas are at the side so that there is a even look and feel of the room instead of all the seats and tables being tightly rammed to the back of the room. Another thing I like about this room is that the kitchen is to the back of the room instead of the side, which yet again allows a larger seating and eating area. I love how on the kitchen desk it isn’t just the same plates going all the way around the kitchen and there is a variety of breakfast plates, lunch plates, dinner plates, milkshakes and even wine. The fish tanks at the back and the water stream at the front of the room are great accessories to have in the room and they definitely brighten up the mood of the room and it adds more colour too. The reason why this room doesn’t get a 10 out of 10 is because like I said above the tables do seem close together and the fact that there is only one reception desk. I think if the was more desk’s and the tables and chairs were just that little bit more spaced out, this room rating would improve.

Public Opinions

!-Ben-! said “I like how the wired effect makes the doors automatic, and I like how they slide left to right. I also like the size of the room and how it can hold so many people. I don’t like where the stickies are located and the fact that there’s a bar in the middle of the room. Maybe Splooosh could organize the stickies into a menu and make a booth for orders. I’d give this room an 8 out of 10.”

Boobified,? said “I like that its unique and it has sliding doors, also it has loads of people in without an event on, meaning many Habbo’s already enjoy the room. I don’t like how the tiles look weird as they have random white tiles in the middle. This room can be improved by making all of the tiles one colour. I would give this room an 8 out of 10.”

Room Improvements

Like I said in the Room Rating section; if the tables and chairs were separated just a little more and there was more than just one reception desk (preferably 2 or 3 in total) this room will be better. Also a very minor thing; maybe if every other Greek seat was rotated so one was facing the river and one was facing the other side. It would make it look a little bit better when people are sitting there.

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