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Roxy's Hotel by Roxy9160
By - Posted 4th July, 2015 at 9:39 pm

Roxy's Hotel

This room creation is one of Roxy916, and a fantastic one it is! Roxy’s Hotel is not just a room for accommodation but it also includes a separate Casino (not the conventional gambling furni/credits one but an actual one) as well as a large Indoor Swimming Pool. These rooms are found through the Imperial Teleports. 

We shall start with the cons of the room:
1) I feel that the rooms for accommodation are too similar. It depends on the person and it looks very uniform, but hotels have different kind of rooms for example a penthouse suite etc.
2) The Door Teleport doesn’t lead to anywhere yet so I think that should be sorted soon as the hotel needs more rooms to entertain the visitors.
3) The gift shop in the top left corner is a great idea but this could maybe be expanded on.
4) Lastly the beach is missing some Water Patches so that is kind of vital.

Now we shall talk about the pros of the room:
1) The layout is great. As soon as the visitor enters, they are greeted by the welcome desk and the rooms are not far off it. Also there is plenty of space to move about without being blocked.
2) The group is a great addition to have and it allows visitors to show their support which can be seen by the 17,000 members!
3) The beach and the garden area provide a fantastic environment to relax.
4) The Indoor Swimming Pool and Casino adjoined further the entertainment of the hotel and their designs are just as good with a spacious layout and the vital things needed for the room.

I do have some suggestions to maybe improve the room:
1) Enhance the gift shop area with more tables displaying piles of clothes or other gifts.
2) Maybe have a few premium suites so that it doesn’t look all the same.
3) The beach area could maybe be a seasonal room where you can change it to a snow themed section in Winter for example.
4) A pathway for the garden area may look good.
5) More rooms would really improve the hotel providing more for visitors to do.

Overall I think the room is very functional and is one of the better hotels on Habbo.  I would give it a 8/10 as it stands but this could easily become bigger after a few tweaks!

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