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Royal Stage by -:overtaker:-0
By - Posted 4th July, 2015 at 9:53 pm


This is my first room review in a very long time and I was browsing through the cool rooms section on HabboxForum. This room caught my attention as soon as I saw the picture. This Royal Stage is created by –vertaker:- and it looks very much like a Chinese Royal Stage. This intrigued me as I am a fan of Chinese layouts and anything that is related to that subject.
Unfortunately, while I was searching for this room on Habbo I was unable to access the room due to it being locked, therefore this room review has to be from what the room picture gives me.
The reason why this room caught my attention at first sight was due to the fact it is colorful, stylish & luminous. This room is not too big or too small, which looks pretty decent. I had a hard time chosing my favorite part, but it is the walls as they look so realistic.
The second part I like is where the big dining table as it looks very nice – very comfy and fancy!
The only thing it probably needs a bit of work is to maybe remove the Crystal Ball as it doesn’t look quite the same furniture style as the rest of the room and maybe remove the Oil Lamp & Trophy as I do not think they fit in this kind of room. 
Overall, I would give 8.5/10 for this room because I am a huge fan of the Chinese style and the room looks very realistic. Just by looking at the room picture, it makes me already think it is comfy to relax in this room.

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