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Rummaging Room Raiders!0
By - Posted 4th July, 2015 at 9:26 pm
As Halloween is getting closer to us, we need to stay safe but have a good time, because of the evil ChronoZomfg.
Your team needs you, just wait for that call from your group leader and get there ASAP.
The team that beats the rest, will grab themself 2 points.
You may ask how to raid a room, heres how…
You will get a buzz off Twitter or Hotel Stream, as soon as you see it, go to your team’s room ASAP, there will be a poll up for
15 minutes.
Rember to join a team!
If you want your room raided, tag your room with the word habboween, then habbo staff will be looking at them and they are looking to find a strange but cool room.
The room that gets raided, will be added to staff picks.
If you take part you get a spooky badge!
Team that wins room raid wins 2 points.
The Dungeon Crawlers, by Neja 
The Serpents Of Doom, by Kitano 
The Dawn Fighters by, by Puffin
Good Luck!
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