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Ruth Smells7
By - Posted 9th December, 2018 at 9:46 pm

Why does Ruth smell?


One of life’s big questions and what keeps us up at night: why does Ruth-On-Toast smell? This phenomenon has been taunting the mind of many scientists for a great deal of time, so I finally decided to investigate why in the hell Ruth smells so much.

During the early stages of my investigation I decided it was best to discover the origin of Ruth’s smell, which even a full can of Charlie Pink on offer in Boots couldn’t mask. Despite popular belief it wasn’t a friendly joke made up by her attractive, intelligent online friend nic01e. No, in fact, it originated in June 1996 when little Ruthie popped up from the toaster after being toasted for nine long months.

But why is this smell coming to light only now?“, I pondered to myself as I held my nose and breathed solely through my vape in the Habbox Help Desk. I had only known Ruth for a few months but felt close enough to push subtle gentle hints to her… by shouting at her in capitals RUTH SMELLS. My gentle efforts were ultimately fruitless and she still didn’t wash.

The next part of my investigation was to discuss Ruth’s smell with fellow associates in her circle of friends. This was to make sure that I wasn’t imagining the smell through my laptop screen, and that she did really smell.

I turned to Stealth who is a Senior in the Habbox Help Desk and owner of groups titled “Ruth Smells” and “Roof needs a bath“, and enquired of her why Ruth smells.

“Because she does” Stealth answered, confirming my suspicions all along that Ruth did in fact smell.

“She’s Northern” FlyingJesus stated, attributing her smell to geography.

“It’s because she never washes” FUNISMYME added quickly. Fascinating theory. I turned to Ruth herself to confirm this.

“I have a weekly bath every Sunday” the culprit exclaimed. Finally, I knew.

But what fascinated me is that Ruth knew she smelled, so why didn’t she wash more frequently? Her smell was clearly causing issues in her life. For example, without fail every time she hosted any event her own repugnant smell of gravy and stale toast would knock her out and cause her to break parts of the room. A while ago I was repairing the stairs in Fireball where her toxic fumes had caused her to collapse and fall through the stairs.

Then more recently when she murdered Despect on the Habbox Express, the four people allowed to examine his stabbed corpse knew right away that Ruth had murdered him. His body reeked of her familiar smell.


In conclusion, Ruth smells.
We’ll never know the exact aroma for sure as thankfully we cannot sniff each other through computer screens, but we say it anyway because we love her. She makes Habbox a great place with her good sense of humour and her constant breaking of rooms. Ruth, we love you but you do smell.

The whiffy one

Like! 8
    Deactivate! commented on 9th December, 2018


    Deactivate! commented on 9th December, 2018

    Can’t believe you published this..

    FUNISMYME commented on 10th December, 2018

    I can still smell her 😀

    Triz commented on 10th December, 2018


    Ruth-On-Toast commented on 10th December, 2018

    I actually smell really good

    Jarkie commented on 12th December, 2018


    ballisd commented on 7th March, 2019

    jaahahhaha i only just saw this ololol

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