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Samanfa's Trading Post0
By - Posted 4th July, 2015 at 9:34 pm

Hello and welcome to Samanfa’s Trading Post! If you do not know what this is then aren’t you in for a treat? This is my first weekly article so any bumps in the road will be rectified by my second; anyway, this article is basically about everything in the world of trading! I will be informing you of some of the trading hates that I dislike, some aspects of trading to watch out for and even some of the great trades I have made over the previous week. Finally, I will ask your views and ask you to tell me of the deals and aspects you dislike! Enjoy and thank you for reading in advance.

When I decided on writing this article I also realised I could not put all the good trades in as it would be too long, so, I have shortened the list and I have come up with my best trades! One magnificent trade was managing to bag 35 black holes for 12 credits, this is a major achievement as I often buy them 1 credit per and the owner of them was originally selling them 2 credits per, so a big bargain there! On the other hand, I love trading rares too and I was able to find a Black Limo Front for 5 credits and at the resale value reaching 17 credits I cannot complain. Finally, a bulk trade was buying 65 Romantique Chairs at 2 for 3 credits (1.5 credits each) and I have sold a few at 3 credits per thanks to the Marketplace and the rest to JerseyShore for 2 credits per! I love getting profit like that, do you?

Not all my trades can be that good and sometimes I have to take the good with the bad, take risks and hope they pay off in the long run. Sometimes they work, sometimes they don’t and this week I would say my worst trade was buying Concrete Patches and Sidewalks at 2 for 1 credit; I am still trying to sell them off and it is becoming a torturing ordeal, anyone fancy buying them off me? I would be extremely grateful. Have you recently bought anything that you are struggling to sell? It happens a lot and sometimes you need to save the furniture you buy until the price peaks higher! Don’t worry, there will be a time when Habbos are scrambling to get certain furniture you may have; it gives you the excuse to sell it at an inflated price.

I cannot forget the number one source for furniture, situated in the catalog, the Marketplace, it is a gold mine for many Habbos and helps you find the furniture you want quickly and easily. Over the past week prices have been up and down and some have finally averaged out! Firstly, the price of the Lodge Wall has rocketed and is now averaged at 11 credits, I wouldn’t personally buy for this but as I had approximately 15 walls I thought I would take advantage of the new average and sell mine. On the other hand, I haven’t really seen any other furniture go up or down in price as most look like they have been purposely rigged to suit a certain buyer! Remember never buy rigged items from the Marketplace, it will be extremely hard to sell afterwards and then the original owner would have pocketed your credits and you would have made a loss. Have you noticed any prices increasing or decreasing rapidly recently? I would love to know!

As I am a trader, I will give you a few tips on how to trade and how to gain profit easily and legally (without the risk of being scammed). Firstly, when buying rares or good normal furniture in general always check the Marketplace price if unsure on the normal price. If the Marketplace average is 5 credits and the cheapest in is 23 credits (and the one you are buying is 3 credits) then I suggest buying it and attempting to sell it in the Marketplace for 4 credits. If you are not a Marketplace buyer or seller then bulk deals and rares are the ways forward for you! I managed to scoop 45 Lodge Corners up the other day for 30 credits, I can resell these for 1 credit per and make 15 credits profit! Little aspects like that make a small difference but it adds up, keep at it and you could become richer and richer! On the other hand, if that isn’t quick enough, buying rares cheap and selling for a higher price also helps too, I bought a Dragon That Spews Fireworks for 14 credits and resold for 20, I could have got more but I have patience for another deal to come along! Anyhow, have you done any of these tips before and did they work? I would love to know your views!

What I have found the most annoying about trading this week is when shop owners do not give the furniture to the first person that asked for it, if they offered more then that’s fine but in most cases they don’t and it’s frustrating. Has anything happened to you this week in the world of trading that you hate/ i would love to know!

That’s my first article finished, I hope you liked it and in future weeks it will be a considerable amount shorter, this was more of an introduction!   

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