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Samanfa's Trading Post0
By - Posted 4th July, 2015 at 9:34 pm

I think my article last week was a great success, I had no idea it would actually be popular so I thank you for your comments and I hope you enjoy this one just as much.

This week there has been lots of different things I have purchased for a good deal, some were worse than others and I have found some pet hates about trading and shops. Want to hear about them? Make sure you read on to get the juicy details!

I suppose I will start with the good news and begin on the deals I have purchased this week, it has been a quieter week than last but I think that might be because it has not been a week since I last published my article. Anyhow, regardless of that, my best deal of the week has been buying a Love Carp for 3 credits and buying 2 Elephant Minibars for 2 credits each (one just recently sold in the Marketplace for 6 credits) nice. These deals were all in the same shop so that meant I did not have to shop around for bargains really but of course, he was one of those who do not know prices therefore puts some prices really love and some extremely high. For example, his USVA blocks were 2 for 1 credit originally and I had agreed to buy them all, he made me laugh after because he said ‘oh wait, they are like 3c per sorry’ (they are only 2 credits per in the catalogue) accidental slip up, that’s fine. I managed to buy them all for 100 credits (120 USVA blocks were in the deal for that) but I told him it was not much of a bulk deal and decided to throw in 5 Room Hoppers for me, what a nice person! I then found out afterwards he was a Habbox DJ, so got to love the Fansite name there. That was that, I must say though, the USVA blocks were one of the worst items I bought this week, I have managed to sell one in the Marketplace for 1 credit but I think I will keep the others for now. Do you have any good deals to tell me? I would love to know them! Maybe you have had more good luck than me.

I have not really looked at the Marketplace this week so I am unsure on what has increased and decreased but I have seen many rigged items and I just think, what is the point? The Weird Staring Bush that usually sells for 2 credits was rigged at an average of 67 credits and the Dizziti was on average 146 credits, now if they are not rigged I do not know what is! However, some people do not understand what the rigging of the Marketplace does, I went in two shops this week and someone told me they had paid 50 credits for this item and was trying to sell it for profit but it was a rigged item and is usually worth 2 credits; the worst thing was that the furniture he bought was released in the catalogue for 5 credits, what a dramatic loss there (Ice Sculpture was the furniture by the way). Back to the Weird Staring Bush, someone was trying to sell her room for 47 credits and a bush was present, she told me she bought it for 35 credits, again a big loss! People need to be more careful though and look at the volume of sales and increase over the last week. Furthermore, the Weird Staring Brush has regained some consistency now with the average of 7 credits; although it is still inflated it is a lot more affordable!

On to more bad news with the hates of trading, I have seen lots of annoying owners this week and their habits are irritating. Firstly, our very own Mathew (the Event Manager here at Habbox) hosted a shop so I decided to go, he asked people to offer for everything! I do not mind some items as I used to say such and such furniture is up to offers, but when it is every item it starts getting annoying. I find it more annoying when shoppers do not know the prices of some furniture therefore they offer something far too low and get kicked. I think it should be the shop owner deciding on price as they know how much they want really because if someone says a price then the owner tends to say another price, what is the point in offering if they do that? Do you have anything like this that annoys you? I would love to know!

My trading tip this week is if you buy a rare, keep it for a while, you never know it might just get rigged in the Marketplace! I said this report would be smaller than last week, oh well!

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