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Save Our Station0
By - Posted 4th July, 2015 at 9:28 pm

Habbo recently ran a competition asking for names for their new TV station. The results are in and Habbo’s new TV station will be named The Habbo Broadcasting Channel (The HBC). 

So, after solving that problem, another one cropped up. Puffin announced to the board members that the ratings were suffering, and they wouldn’t last a week at this rate. Habbo needs your help to stop the HBC from going bankrupt!

There will be a two part competition, for part one you will need to create your own TV show with a studio making full use of the new TV Studio furni set. You’ll need to use your skills for building, writing and acting!

For part two, the top 15 entries from part one will compete head to head, to discover who will win the golden camera badge. 

Entering is easy:

1. Work alone or with no more than 9 other friends to create a premise for a TV show that can be done in one room, and build the studio (or sets) for it.

Be sure to put what times you’re screening in your room description so other Habbos know when to drop by to see your show!

2. Add your room to the TV Studio official room folder by tagging it with the category you think your show falls into. Choose between the following tags: Comedy, Drama, Games, Reality or Talent.

3. The room owner should take a screenshot of the room with the ‘Room Info’ box showing in the corner so we know it’s yours (this is how you take a screenshot).

4. Add the screenshot to an email addressed to — make sure that the subject line reads: HELPING RATINGS

PLEASE REMEMBER to add the Habbo names of everyone involved, including yours to the email, along with the link to the room. You should also add the premise for your TV show (explaining what it’s all about and why it’s a ratings booster), and the times/dates you’re planning on screening it + what time zone or city you are in (they may want to drop by and see you perform!)

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