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School Blues0
By - Posted 4th July, 2015 at 9:10 pm

I enjoyed school most times, however, it doesn’t mean I was a goody-two-shoes or a teachers pet, I thought I wasn’t others felt different but then again who cares what they think?

I remember one day I had been to the shop at dinner and brought some aniseed balls, as many know when you have sweets at school it’s like ATTACK from your classmates and you hardly get any for yourself.
However, I didn’t mind giving a few out, I gave a few to my friends on my table and some of these boys on a table further down. My friends and the boys then began throwing them at each other, I was just chatting away and getting my work done, I then stood up and one of the boys launched an aniseed ball straight at me WHACK right in my mouth! My lip started bleeding and I started crying, my blood was going all over. I didn’t even cry because of the pain it was the shock! I went to matron and my sister came out of the next room shouting SAMANTHA and she text my parents telling them my mouth was bleeding. I got cleaned up in matron and returned to the class to find my friend had mopped my blood up.

My teacher was annoyed with me, blaming me for everything, saying I was throwing them! I threw none! Luckily, in them days I had amazing friends, they told my teacher that it wasn’t me, I was off the hook. RESULT.

Has anything ever happened to you during school? I’d love to see your comments!

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