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Scouting For Girls prepare their new singles!0
By - Posted 4th July, 2015 at 9:13 pm

Scouting For Girls are now one of the biggest pop bands in the UK with over a million record sales, 4 Brit nominations, 4 Top 10 singles and most recently a nomination for the highly prestigious Ivor Novello Award. So all you big fans, you’re in a for a treat as they are releasing a brand new single in July!

Love How It Hurts” will be one of the four new songs, that will feature on a Bonus Track Edition of the album ‘Everybody Wants To Be On TV‘, as well as being able to buy individually. As they are a band committed to their fans and after a mega sell out show at Wembley Arena in March this year, they wanted to release their new songs as soon as they were finished rather than having to wait for a third album release.

A quote from Roy Stride who is the lead singer of the band says: “As a music fan, I’m always frustrated when bands take so long to get new music out, and along with the opportunity for fans to buy the new tracks individually and the chance to work with some great producers in some of the country’s best studios I couldn’t wait to record these songs and get them out there to everyone.” So book some tickets as Scouting For Girls will be playing live at this year’s V Festival. But don’t think you’ve listened to them that much? Then I’ll show you some of their hits! Click here for Heartbeat, click here for She’s So Lovely and last of all click here for James Bond!

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