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Second 'Community Challenge' completed!0
By - Posted 4th July, 2015 at 9:36 pm
2 down, 1 go!
That’s right folks, the entire community on Habbo has been working together to complete each ‘community challenge’ (which can be seen on the hotel view) and there’s good news! The second ‘community challenge’ reward was unlocked last night (after the community surpassed 3.5 million jumps) and the reward is a donation from Sulake to a horse charity. Quite a generous act if you ask me.
Now, the next step is for the community to gain just over 3 million additional jumps and by doing so, Sulake will increase the amount of money they are giving to a horse charity. The best part is, if the community reaches the maximum “level” then users will have the chance to vote for which charity actually receives the money. It’s quite surprising to see Sulake giving us control over where some of their money goes – nevertheless, it’s still a nice surprise.
The community challenges were released 3 days ago but have probably been planned for over a month (as seen by the previous ‘Illumina’ hotel view which has valentines themed items on it). The first reward that was attained was ‘Pegasus Wings’ for your pet horses which can be purchased from the catalogue for 5 credits. We can tell that the challenges certainly have impressed many users. Some of the comments that users left about the challenges were:
“I like the idea of these challenges. Its something new to keep people entertained.”
“Yeah I like these too, gives me something to do whilst I’m online instead of just sat in a room aimlessly.”
“I like the idea in this, its pretty cute :-)”
So, do you think that the community will be able to reach the maximum “level” in order to increase the charity donation? Only time will tell, but why not do your little bit by finding a horse and jumping over obstacles!
What’s your opinion on these community challenges? Share it by clicking “Read More & Comment”!

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