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Should You Become a Super Saver Subscriber?0
By - Posted 4th July, 2015 at 9:19 pm

If you love grabbing yourself a bargain, getting free gifts, saving some cash and can say ‘Super Saver Subscriber’ five times in a row without getting tongue tied, then it’s a definite yes for you!

There are various ways to buy coins on Habbo, you can use your mobile phones, home telephones, credit cards and prepaid cards to fill those pixel purses with cash. On the credits page all of these methods are displayed, lovely and clear, but sometimes it can still get a tad confusing as to which method you should use to get the most out of your money. The cheapest method available to UK buyers is the mobile phone method, where you get 11 coins for £1.50, plus an SMS charge. If your ears are crying out for a louder ‘kaching’ you can purchase 490 coins for £50 using a credit card or prepaid card. 

Last month Habbo announced the new Super Saver Subscriber program, an updated version of the Habbo Subscriber Bonus program, giving you more control over how you buy your coins. What does this mean? Basically you’re able to see everything you need to know about your subscription by clicking the Credits Subscription tab. From this page you can order a subscription, cancel a current subscription, check how many subscription points you have and also keep an eye on your coin balance. But alas, you’re probably thinking, it’s only available in dollars. Well that’s exactly where you’re wrong, having personally asked Customer Support myself, I can confirm that if you were to become a subscriber in the UK, it would cost you a mere £3.20!

In comparison to other methods, it appears that the Super Saver Subscriber bonus really is the best method if you’re looking to buy coins on a monthly basis. You get an extra 10 coins plus an exclusive piece of furniture for the extra 20p compared to the mobile phone method. And if you usually use a home telephone you can avoid those sneaky hidden network charges that always make an appearance with your phone bill. Did you also know that if you were to buy 39 coins using the ordinary credit card method for £5 you’d essentially be paying an extra £1.80 for 4 coins? You didn’t, well now you do. 35 coins is an excellent value for £3.20, with all those you could buy a month of VIP and still have 10 coins left; or a month of HC and have 20 coins left, or even 2 months of HC and have 5 coins left. Finally, one last perk of this subscription is that every month you’ll have the peace of mind that you’ll be getting Habbo coins delivered straight to your purse, no extra charges, no extra fuss.

I’ll leave you to practice saying ‘Super Saver Subscription’ five times in a row whilst you ponder over this deal. Don’t rush yourself though, there’s no deadline, you can join at any time during the month, knowing that in 30 days you’ll be getting the sweet surprise of coins all over again!

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