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Skater's Challenge0
By - Posted 4th July, 2015 at 9:16 pm

Are you one of the best boarders? If not then you will not beat this!

The Habbo managers Puffie, Fozzie and SmoothCriminal have tried getting to the Skate park today, but as the roads are being worked on and they don’t have excellent Skating skills they can not go.

However, with them failing they decided that maybe the Habbo community will be able to do the challenge set by them. To do the challenge you must avoid the road at all costs and grind all the way to the teleport at the end of the rails. Unfortunately if you fall of, scrape your knee, bleed to death, or just fall accidently, then you will be sent straight to the game over zone where you will have to begin the whole challenge again.

Visit one of the Skater’s Challenge rooms now to ensure your chance of winning and receiving the prize.

Luckily, if the Challenge is rather popular then there are 9 other rooms you could go to, to find a space for you to grind away!

After doing the challenge you will be taken to the Skate park where a poll will pop up for you to fill in.

If you make it to the final room without falling, injuring yourself or something fatal then you will receive a Skateboard badge as you will be crowned as one of the best Skater’s in history!

The badges will be handed out late next week!

Good luck!

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