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Sleepy Haven Cafe – Room Review0
By - Posted 4th July, 2015 at 9:41 pm

Sleepy Haven Cafe- Owned by CaptainAce

Looking for a unique and well designed room? Then the Sleepy Haven Cafe is for you!

The Sleepy Haven Cafe is part of a series of rooms of different themes owned by CaptainAce. The themes of the other rooms include summerwinter and game rooms. The cafe acts as a link between them all, being very unique in design. The cafe is separated into four areas – a dance floor, a garden, a kitchen/bathroom and a seating area. This makes for a room  that has a variety of uses, the most important of which being Spirit the manic bunny’s home. Spirit can be seen hopping around the room and is the centre of attention at the cafe, always being up for a laugh.

Without further adieu, lets go to the pro’s of the room…
1) The garden area in particular is well designed and thought out, and some good furniture choices have been made for this area.
2) The rooms that adjoin the cafe are all excellent. I personally like the Christmas/winter themed one, as it looks excellent and none of the furni used to design it looks at all ‘out of place’.
3) The bar area of the cafe looks good. All of the furni matches and the design is consistent.
4) The pet in the room (and it’s phrases) really help the room to be more enjoyable. The phrases really fit the room, and the bunny is a nice touch to further brighten up the cafe.
5) The different room sections show  variety and innovation.

Now the cons…
1) The sections don’t blend very well together. (e.g. a section stops and another starts without any ‘blending’)
2) The toilet section looks slightly out of place, and I’m not really sure that the place to put them is by the front door.
3) The wired spoils the corner of the room. The lantern looks so good there, but the wired takes it’s limelight away.
4) The food in the dance area looks a bit odd on top of the crates.
5) The football bench doesn’t fit with anything in the room.

You could fix this by…
1) Removing some room sections and making the others larger. (e.g. make the garden cover half of the room, and the cafe/dining area the other)
2) Adding separate rooms for toilets and linking them to the current room, with the possible use of the ‘male and female’ toilet signs for effect.
3) Hiding the wired under one of the many teleporters that you have in the room (this can be done with a ditch corner and a roller).
4) Placing the food on tables or on a counter near the dining area, and leaving the dance area without anything above the crates.
5) Removing the football bench and replacing it with three small crates to fit the design of the section.

Rating: 6/10 

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