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Sneaker Streaker0
By - Posted 4th July, 2015 at 9:16 pm

Today, Thomas Smith was seen in various shops and on various highstreets today wearing nothing but his nike trainers, this culprit, ironically name the ‘sneaker streaker’ has been seen in the town of Blackpool, causing havoc upon the promenade.

This person was first seen at 11:00am BST time and is still at large as we draw on 20:00pm, this rule breaker is in serious trouble as many elderly people have been taken to hospital because of the traumatic experience they have had today. Firstly, the injured were enjoying a friendly game of Bingo in an arcade on the promendade, however, just as they were playing however many games, the streaker, appeared from what looked to be the newsagents across the road and came and startled all the players and the callers.

Smith, didn’t stop there, there have been sitings of him on the Central Pier, various back street shops and even into a Church near the ‘CEX’ shop.

Police are urging everyone in the Flyde area to lock all their windows and doors as they are going to handle and confront the man themselves as he has nothing they haven’t seen before. They have also urged greatly to keep young children away just in case they come into contact with Smith as they don’t know if he is clean and wouldn’t want to see any children injured.

The police are launching a full investigation into the matter, and they want to bring him to justice rapidly, any witnesses or anyone who have information should contact the number below.

Thank you!


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