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Soapbox ~ This Week!0
By - Posted 4th July, 2015 at 9:27 pm

Habbo are giving you all the chance to voice your opinions!

What is this about?

Habbo want to improve the community and they want to know what is affecting it. They’d like more interaction in the hotel and they’d want all of the Habbo’s to be involved. So they want to know what you like and dislike about the hotel so far! Habbo would also like to know what you would like to come into the hotel as Habbo Hotel gets older and older whilst it developers into bigger and better things! Habbo have decided to name this ‘SoapBox’.

How it works?

  1. You have to head over to the SoapBox room which can be found by searching Kitano. or by clicking here.
  2. Lining up (obviously).
  3. Then when you get to the speakers corner voice your opinions! (Remember to keep this clean, and anti CAPS)

Once you have finished your great speech, everyone else at Soapbox will say what they think of it and if the agree or disagree with what you’ve said. You are allowed to talk about anything you want as long as it is Habbo related! If you have a mega idea or a simple plan, it doesn’t matter, this is your hotel so let Habbo and it’s developers know what you want to make your hotel more enjoyable!

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