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[Special Report] Habbo Credits0
By - Posted 4th July, 2015 at 9:25 pm

In this report, I am going to be exploring the current prices of credits for the UK and find out which option is the best value. As we all know, the amount of credits you get is going down and the money you spend on them is going up.

What are Habbo credits?

For all of those people who are new to Habbo Hotel, credits are the Hotel’s currency. You can use these credits to become a HC / VIP member, pets, furniture and much more.

In the United Kingdom –

1.       Wherever you are in the world, you can buy Habbo Credits using your card. In the UK, they accept –

·         Visa
·         MasterCard
·         Diners club
·         Visa Electron
·         Maestro
·         American Express

Habbo also accept –

·         PaySafe Card
·         Wallie-Card
·         UKash

For 40 credits, using one of the payments above, it will cost you £5.
For 80 credits, using one of the payments above, it will cost you £10.
For 220 credits, using one of the payments above, it will cost you £25.

Habbo claim that paying this way is best value.


2.       You can also buy credits using your mobile phone. In this section, I am going to look at how much it is to text to get your Habbo credits.

For 11 credits, it will cost you £1.50.
For 24 credits, it will cost you £3.
For 40 credits, it will cost you £5.

3.       You can now also buy pre-paid cards from two stores in the UK –

·         WHSmith                    
·         And most recently added – Tesco

It will cost you £10 for 80 credits. You scratch off the code on the back of the card and then enter the code by going to

4.       You can earn your credits by filling out surveys and participating in special offers. After participating, these credits will then be sent to you. (Please note that some offers have to check that you have taken part and in some cases credits will not be transferred instantly).
5.       There is a Super Saver Subscription – you pay $4.99 per month and you will receive 35 credits and a special gift every month.
6.       Lastly, you can also buy credits through your home telephone. It will cost you £3.00 but you will receive 33 credits.

Which option is the best value for money and easiest way of purchasing credits?

All of these different ways of purchasing credits have their downsides.

Card Text Pre-Paid cards Earn credits Super Saver Subscription Home phone
For 80 credits, it’s the same price as the pre-paid card
For spending £3 on your mobile phone, you get 24 credits unlike using your home phone, you get 33 credits If you get pocket money, then you can get these cards whenever you want without a subscription. Some offers will ask you to purchase something so you may as well buy the credits. This seems like a good option as you get a free gift. It costs roughly £3.17 a month which is excellent. In my eyes, this is the best option. You receive 9 more credits than texting for your credits.
At the end of September, instead of paying £5 for 38 credits, you now get 40 credits In some cases, your provider might make an additional charge for you sending a text You get the same amount of credits when using a credit card. You can’t be sure that they are as safe and you might be sent things that you don’t want. Be warned, most banks charge for the $4.99 to be changed into UK sterling, therefore resulting in not such a good deal. You might not be allowed to use the home phone and a connection fee might be charged.

As you can see, there are many different options available. I overall use the home telephone for purchasing my credits as in my eyes it is the best option. Some people might disagree as they aren’t allowed to use the home telephone to purchase credits etc. It all depends on you!

I do hope, however, that this report has given you an insight into Habbo Credits and that you can use the information from the table to decide which option is the best for you.

~ Please note that credit prices were right as the time of publishing and is subject to change ~

Thank you for reading this article and please take a few moments of your time to leave a comment below – I will be sure to reply.

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