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[SPECIAL REPORT] The history of Habbo pets!0
By - Posted 4th July, 2015 at 9:23 pm
We’ve all seen them. The little bundles of pixel joy, which light up your day… Habbo pets! However, where on earth did they come from? It’s time to find out…  

Believe it or not, the first pets arrived in January 2004. The first 10 pets were given as a prize in the very first event in the hotel, the event was called ‘Pet Trail’ and what users had to do was ‘Follow the trail to the tail’. You had to ask a bot some questions which would then give you the password to a room, you then had to follow some simple clues to get the tail. The 10 people who were chosen as the winners in this competition received the very first pets in the hotel. Then, in February 2004 the very first pets (Cats and Dogs) were placed into the catalogue followed shortly by Crocodiles, for a price of 25 credits.

The first pets available were dogs and cats and the crocodiles arrived slightly later. These were the only 3 pets available until December 2009 (5 whole years of the same pet choices). In December 2009, Habbo Beta started a complete revolution of Habbo pets…

December 4th 2009 – The bear makes its first appearance into the hotel. It was announced it was in the catalogue for sale when users ‘opened’ day 4 on their ‘Habbo Advent Calendar’. However, this was 1 of the few Advent gifts which were not free – it was priced at 20 credits when released. 

December 18th 2009 – The terrier makes its first appearance into the hotel. When users ‘opened’ day 18 on their ‘Habbo Advent Calendar’, a message would appear informing people that terriers were available in the catalogue. These were also priced at 20 credits when released.

December 23rd 2009 – The final Christmas pet was released… the pig! When users ‘opened’ day 23 on their ‘Habbo Advent Calendar’, a message would inform people the pig was now available to purchase in the catalogue. It was also priced at 20c, and the pig was featured in a special Christmas quest.

Next, we fast forward to the 18th August 2010, when the pet lion is brought into the hotel at a price of 20 credits! Users who purchased the lion/received the lion as a gift within  the first week of release, received their own ‘Lion Badge’. Along with the lion, the ‘Chocolate Gazelle’ pet food was introduced.
Only 8 days later, on the 26th August 2010, the pet rhino arrived at a price of 20 credits! The same promotion arrived with the rhino as it did with the lion, purchase a rhino/receive a rhino as a gift within 7 days of release and you would receive a badge! The pet food released with the rhino was ‘hay’.

The next pet arrived on Valentine’s Day, the 14th February 2011 and it was..the spider! It was released into the catalogue at a price of 25c, but is currently available for 15c out of the catalogue. Similar to lions and rhinos, if you gained a pet spider within 1 week of the release you would receive a spider badge! Also, along with the pet spider came new pet food ‘Grapes’.
The next pet arrived only 10 days later.. the frog! People were able to gain a free frog through Facebook but they were also in the catalogue at a price of 30c, the price remains unchanged.

We’ve nearly reached the end of the pet ‘timeline’. Next, was the pet chick. This was released April 19th 2011 at a price of 25 credits, however they are currently 20 credits in the catalogue. This pet did come with a free badge to users who gained the chick within 1 week. Also, ‘corn’ pet food and the trampoline arrived with the chick.
The next pet was… the pet dragon! Released to VIP’s on the 19th may 2011 and then to all players 1 day later. There was 1 rare dragon released for a short time called ‘The Ambrosia Dragon’, it was in the catalogue for 50 credits for a limited time only. Currently, all other dragons are in the catalogue for a price of 25 credits. The badge promotion was also available for dragons, and along with the dragons arrived ‘Grail of nectar’ and ‘burnt tree’ accessories.

Our penultimate pet… the turtle! Released July 5th 2011. It also arrived with the ‘badge promotion’ and brought around 2 new pieces of pet furniture. ‘Shrimp food’ and ‘Shade nest’ became available when the turtle was released. The turtle is surprisingly cheap in the catalogue at only 15 credits.
The final pet released, the lost monkey! Available for all users who use the application via iPhone and IPod touch, as of the 30th September 2011.

Pets have advanced over the years. From scratches being added to swimming pets (turtles) and even more training commands, it seems like they’ll never stop developing. Pets have also been featured in a variety of events/competitions/quests over the years, and they will never be forgotten. Also, pets have been greatly updated by the choice of colours available, and the breeds have grown in size…here is a list of all breeds of pets:

Dog.Breeds: Yappie Yorky, Habbo Husky, Joe Cocker Spaniel, Rescue Bernard, Droopy of Pawford, Paws Forethought, Stripy Setter, Slobber Don, Springy Spaniel, Hound of Hull, Furry McScotty, Lappy Lassie, Tawny Bleugh, Mangy Mutt, Whiffy Woofy, Pixie Poodle, Murmurin’ Minimastiff, Speckled Sheepdog, Bushy Woofer, Tiny Terrier, Patchy Pup, Loyal Labrador, Schnitzel Snatcher, Dotty Dalmatian, Black-eyed Boxer.

Cat. Breeds: Sleepy Siamese, Purr-Sian, Lesser Spotted Longhair, Hidden Clause, Soft-Toed Sneaker, Cat Astroflea, Titchy Tiger, Burmese Buddy, Mad Mouser, Scaredy Cat, Wannabe Wildcat, Egyptian Angora, Freckled Feral, Felis Catus Allergicus, Bushy Bobtail, Haughty House Pet, Curiousity-The Return!, Furry Friend, Trusting Tabby, Bobcat Wailer, Caterwaul Kitty, Fabulous Feline, Matted Moggy, Indoor Alley Cat, Cat Burglar.

Croc Breeds:  Endangered Albino, Krazy Krokodilos, Nile Dile, Silly Sobek, Dirty Dundee, Galled Gator, Confused Croc, Pretty Pui Pui, Indifferent, Swampy Siamese, Giggly Go-go, Petty Petsuchos.

Bear Breeds: Brown Bear, Polar Bear, Great Bear, Sunny Bear.

Terrier Breeds: Livingston’s nightmare, Working scottie, Carlisle Ratter, Dee Mice Killer, Holy Island Rabbit Lover, Doon Squirrel hunter, Lucy’s Fred.

Pig Breeds: Roman Boar, Boar of Baskerville, Baby Boar, Freyjas Boar, Forest Boar, Devils Country Boar, Navy Boar.

Lion Breeds: West African LionMassia Lion, Asiatic Lion, Katanga Lion, Transvaal Lion, Barbary Lion, Northeast Congo Lion.

Rhino Breeds: Gray RhinoBlack RhinoBrown Rhino, Ionesco Rhino, White Rhino, Party Rhino, Banana Rhino.

Spider Breeds: Australian Spinner, Dungeon Crawler, Cambodian Dancer, Jungle Creeper, Anansi Trickster, Arachne Weaver,

Soror Shelobi, Columbian Pouncer, Samsa Gregori, Japanese Jorogumo, Nocturnal Nightmare, Camel Spider, Mandarin Spider.

Frog Breeds: Tree Frog, Bullfrog, Red-Eyed Tree Frog, Silverback Toad, Cane Toad, Red-Bellied Frog, Water Frog, Bronze Toad, Albino Frog, Jungle Frog, Golden Bell Frog, Frogger, Bubonic Toad.
Chick Breeds: Little Chick.

 Dragon Breeds: Volcanic Fire Dragon, Emerald Earth Dragon, Bronze Cave Dragon, Twilight Hunter Dragon, Midnight Glider Dragon, Crystal Cove Dragon.

Turtle Breeds: Snapping Turtle, Diamondback Turtle, Sea Turtle, Kooper Trooper, Pond Turtle, Spotted Turtle, Yertle Turtle,
Sewer Turtle, Desert Turtle.

So, where will Habbo pets lead us into the future? There have been rumours of a pet horse…which you will be able to ride on! There is also ‘speak’ of new features coming for pets such as breeding and trading pets. We went and asked some people what their opinions on Habbo pets were, and here are their responses;

Endless-Echo: The pets are fairly repetitive, the commands are similar, they have the same responses and I think they definitely need to update the range of toys available for pets – there’s been very few new toys since ‘the fly’.

Cod-Peace: I don’t really like pets. I would find it better if they introduced ageing of pets (but they would have to die as well) and breeding of pets, with other breeds/types of pets .. the same breed and type would be incredibly plain. I would also like to be able to place your pets on silence/mute..they spam the room too much.

Jenkss: Pets are very interesting with the range of features available. I think they should add more training commands though, there’s not that many at the moment.

We also have to add, that there are 3 specific pets available for VIP/HC only. These pets are “Pacific Pirate” (a spider), “Golden Pond Frog” and the “Rare Dante Turtle”. That concludes the report on pets, who knows where the pets will ‘be’ in the future, maybe there will even be dolphins, whales or sharks! If they do ever get introduced, we’re sure people will have a ‘whale’ of a time looking after them! 

Did you enjoy the special report on pets? Do you have any suggestions for pets? Or do you just want to make a comment about your cute kitty-cat? If so then paste your comment below!

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