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Staff, Fansites, Moderation and more!0
By - Posted 4th July, 2015 at 9:34 pm

Habbo Guides, Fansites and Staff members are just a few of the “hot topics” being discussed on Paul LaFontaine’s (CEO of Sulake) Twitter feed this week.
Due to the masses of confusion and complaints from users last week, Sulake CEO ‘Paul LaFontaine’ has started replying to tweets about anything to do with Habbo (generally big issues, such as moderation). A large number of these 200+ tweets contain some rather interesting facts and hints about what we will be seeing on Habbo Hotel in the future. Yes, there will be a minor disappointment or two for some people but Sulake have insisted that it is for overall benefit of the community. I’m very impressed by the amount of response that Sulake are giving out the community and I never expected to see so many replies to tweets from Habbo users – it’s nice to know that Sulake do indeed take all our ideas into consideration!
We’d love to post every decent tweet sent to the CEO’s account, but the news article would go on forever and ever! So here are just some of the interesting tweets that were posted (the Twitter account names have been removed due to a right to privacy):
“I like the idea of Habbos creating news. That is on the list for sure. Thanks!”
This does sound like a brilliant opportunity for some users to show off their writing skills to the entire community and for the community to actually feel more involved when discussing the latest article about an update, a Fansite event or something else. It’s nice to see that it is already on “the list”, so maybe this update will be occurring shortly? It wouldn’t be a surprised if it did arrive soon, ‘Thursday Temptations’ was of an almost identical concept to this.
“More mobile apps yes. Is that the question? Thanks!”
This is hardly a surprising piece of information. Sulake have already stated that they plan to start expanding to other platforms – not just restricting their technology to computer-based systems. Mobile applications will definitely increase Sulake’s revenue, meaning we can expect a lot more of these fun applications (e.g. Lost Monkey and Niko) in the future.
“I like Habbo X. We need to redesign for modern days.” & “We want to make a better version of guides. We like the idea. Thanks for tweet!”
This was instantly a hot topic on the Uservoice forum once it returned. There has been much debate over the past few years whether Guides, eXperts and Hobbas should be returned to the hotel. Of course, there’s a lot of points supporting the return of community support staff, but there are also some disadvantages to each of these methods. It seems that Sulake will probably be considering this idea even more due to the redundancy of a lot of staff in the past week.
“Habbo spread the word. We introduce Habbo builder staff (features, games, engineers, art) by twitter so you can ask questions. On Friday!”
“We are looking at all the old games. Some were good, some weren’t. On Friday I introduce members of game team you can ask them.”
“Friday I introduce who builds games, who makes art, who makes interface, etc. Then you can talk directly to them. All open up.
“Friday I am going to introduce the staff who builds Habbo. Conversations can happen. New way we all make hotel better!”
“On we are going to put up staff who build Habbo and their twitter so you can tweet with them.”

Eeek! Cannot wait for Friday. On Friday, there will be a chance for us to meet some new staff members and to also meet the Sulake team which work “behind the scene” (e.g. graphics.) This will be your chance to ask them some questions and give them suggestions about what you would like to see implemented into Habbo and how Sulake could continue to improve the services it offers.

Also, it does indeed state the potential for users to tweet the staff members. Twitter is a site going through a period of rapid expansion, so it makes a lot of sense that Sulake staff members will be able to communicate with users via this method.
“We want to improve moderation. It’s a really important point of help” & “We need to get better at moderation. I agree. Really complex problem.”
Now we can all stop complaining that Sulake don’t care about how well moderators are performing in the hotel. They’ve clearly sensed it is an issue and are working to improve on the situation. No more needs to be said.
“We’re looking at returning battle ball. Has to be modernized, available to all and not manual. Basically has to be a fun game.” & “I love snowstorm. We talk about private parties and friends. Let me check on that! Thanks for tweet!”
I’m sure all you game lovers out there will love this piece of news. A large amount of users have complained about Battle Banzai being too dissimilar to Battle Ball because it is not an automatic game (users have to build it) whereas Snowstorm is. I’ve seen “Bring back Battle Ball” suggested on the Uservoice forum quite a bit, so it looks like their “dreams” may come true in the future. Oh, and the private SnowStorm games idea also arose on the Uservoice forum as well, so this will also please many users!
“We are drawing up a plan to work with cool fan sites like yours! More to follow v.soon and your feedback is welcome.” & “Nothing new in last 24 hours. But Fansites are important to us. thanks!”
This topic has been covered quite a lot in the past few weeks. So there’s not much more to say about this really, except that Habbox and many other Fansites are very impressed by this piece of news and will be glad to have closer interaction with Sulake staff and the Habbo community again!
Those were some of the very interesting tweets which appeared in his Twitter feed, there are hundreds more! if you’d like to take a browse through all the ideas on his Twitter feed and potentially post an idea, visit!/PaulLaFo. Other popular topics include old school Habbo, bans and… visit the link to find out the rest. wink.gif Now, all we have to do is wait and see if Sulake do decide to put all of these ideas into action, or whether they will become un-important to them (such as Carnival furniture).

I think we should end this article with another beautiful Tweet which relates to older versions of Habbo. Here is what was posted:
“I wasn’t here for the old Habbo. Let’s build a better Habbo that has the best of old and some new too.”

If you have a comment for this article, feel free to post it below!

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