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Subtle revenge in the form of a Twitter post!0
By - Posted 4th July, 2015 at 9:39 pm
Paul LaFontaine reacts bitterly to an ex-Sulake staff member’s comments about moderation!
Revenge is a dish best served cold, or via Twitter if you wish to follow Paul LaFontaine’s logic. Earlier this evening he posted a link containing a YouTube link to an interview with a former Sulake employee. This employee was Rebecca Newton (known as “Becs” to many players) and she held the role of community director and community operations manager in Sulake for several years before resigning from her position (most likely due to focusing on her role as CCSO at Moshi Monsters). The interview encompasses Rebecca claiming how “safe” and “creative” the Habbo community is, thus making her comments to Channel 4 about moderation being dreadful rather hypocritical.
However, the general opinion at the moments seems to be that this was an incredibly “dirty move” from the CEO of Sulake and also an incredibly unfair attack upon her. For starters, the interview was conducted in February 2010 – before the English speaking hotel merge and before the quality of moderation declined rapidly. Also, there have been 2 major moderation changes since that interview was conducted which had absolutely nothing to do with her. It seems that Sulake are desperate to play the “toss the blame around” game.
Indeed, cyber sex has been a very common issue on the hotel for the past few years, so it does seem to be quite hypocritical that Rebecca Newton has gone from stating Habbo as being “safe” to “badly moderated” due to her experiencing the growth in cyber sex as well, but these comments don’t relate to hypocrisy if we look at the dreadful moderation changes SULAKE have made.
The most amusing part of this story is the fact that Paul LaFontaine took the post off his Twitter feed after a few minutes due to realisation that it was not going to get him a better image.
So, utter hypocrisy or a clear portrayal of dreadful moderation changes? You decide. If you wish to see the video regarding Rebecca Newton’s interview, then go to

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