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Summer is Coming to Habbo0
By - Posted 4th July, 2015 at 9:15 pm

As the air becomes hotter and as the Sun gets closer to the Earth, the season of summer begins!

Although summer causes many problems such as, sweaty hair, ants in your house, and hot sidewalks, summer also brings many benefits! For example, a season of habbo summer related events! Such as ‘How Many Habbos Are in The Hot Tub‘, and many more to come.  The heat in the hotel is expected to be so intense that you’ll feel like you’re in California in the USA!

Well you know the phrase tender love and care, well this summer in Habbo, its GLT (which stands for gym, tan and laundry.) If you are wondering what exactly each letter means, well here you go:

GYM – Stay buff with top-of-the-line Sport Furni
TAN – Hit the shores with Big Wave beach items
LAUNDRY – Hmmm this was a tough one. How about we throw in a Hot Tub, Jacuzzi and some furry leopard print walls and call it even?
Since Habbo is short on beaches at the moment they want to know if you would like to let the public use yours! So if your answer was yes, tag your beach room with the word beach, then it will be put in a special category in the Hotel Navigator that is just for beaches. Thats not all though, when you tag it, the Habbo Staff could see your room, that means that it can be chosen to be put in the ‘Staff Picks’ section of the Hotel Navigator! So this is just the start of Habbo Summer, so get your swim suits on and get ready to swim!

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