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That. Sherlock. Episode.0
By - Posted 2nd January, 2017 at 10:14 pm Entertainment

Major Sherlock spoilers ahead!

Do not hit “read more” if you haven’t seen the episode already!

If you’re anything like me, you watched Sherlock on BBC yesterday (or half an hour late on iPlayer because you were playing Monopoly and it lasted forever). But New Years Day’s episode was nothing like I have ever seen before. Seriously, what happened?

Okay, so first off, who actually is (or was) Mary? Is she Ammo? Is she John’s wife? No, Ammo is that old woman who had some weird name. Mary is John’s wife who used to be a freelance spy and I didn’t even know those existed. “Hmm, I need a good spy. Go to, Mr. Trump, see what spies there are,” said nobody ever. So John was mad with her and then tried to save her life after she killed herself saving Sherlock’s life from that Ammo woman, who happened to be using ammo from a gun shooting Sherlock. Although, to be fair, it was pretty obvious Sherlock would stay alive. Sherlock is a much better name than “John” for a show. So Mary was dying and goes “Promise me,” and John says he promises. Then Mary’s like “No…” and John is probably thinking “what is this woman thinking?” but says “Yes, I promise,” anyway. Hint: she was probably thinking about how she was about to die. Oh, all of this happened in an aquarium, too.

Now on to that whole Ammo thing. From my memory, when AJ (I think it was AJ, his face had a massive cut in it, you know the one) was being tortured I think someone said the word Ammo. And then the other torturer dude said it and laughed. So that confused me, and then Ammo was a woman. This woman was part of Sherlock’s operation and then killed Sherlock, except that’s where Mary goes and jumps in front of Sherlock because “Mary” wouldn’t be a very good name for a show, either. So was Ammo that woman John met and MAYBE cheated on his wife with? WHO KNOWS?!

Then there’s the ending. Like is John mad at Sherlock, or is he dead? What is going on here? John is mad Mary is dead but Mary killed herself, John. Well, sort of. Why are you blaming Sherlock? John was so lovely then cheated on his wife and just completely DISSED Sherlock.

Okay, now some other little things. I say little, but what actually happened to the USB stick? It seemed the story just changed to be about relationships instead of the USB stick? Mary died over that USB stick, John. You’re losing it this episode. And then there’s the thing about how they didn’t solve the robbery. And why was that guy in the car’s death even there at the start? WHAT HAPPENED? Oh then there’s the fact Mary said “Go to hell, Sherlock.” And why didn’t they just perform a DNA test instead of getting a useless dog to go to a butcher’s?

If you can explain any of this to me please go ahead in the comments because I am honestly so confused. Also leave your opinions there because of freedom of speech!

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