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The brighter side of Habbo!0
By - Posted 4th July, 2015 at 9:29 pm

Let’s take a look at what people most enjoy about Habbo Hotel!

Yes, we know there’s been quite a few news stories on the negative aspects of Habbo – so we thought that we’d bring you some of the things that Habbos enjoy! Whether it be the community, badges, events or more, there’s always something which brings a smile to every Habbo user’s face. Here are some of the things which Habbo users said they most enjoyed about Habbo;

Events – Wooo, we all love a bit of falling furniture! Don’t you just love the enjoyment and excitement you receive from playing a quick 10 minute game on Habbo. Whether it be ‘don’t roll a 6’, ‘costume change’ or maybe something more inventive like ‘saw’, there’s bound to be a perfect event for you. Users are most likely to enjoy the prizes but the friendly atmosphere will probably come into it (unless it’s a ‘kick the ugly’… boy do those things get ugly.)

Badges – YES! I just reached ‘Speed Skater XX’ woop. We all have to admit that we like having a sexy little badge next to our Habbo, whether it be one of those achievement badges, an ex-staff badge (e.g. the hobba medal) or competition badges. The most well-known badges seem to be achievement badges, and they seem to be the ones that Habbos strive for the most (mainly because of the added achievement score.) However, there are some competition badges which people have aimed to achieve – even in the most treacherous conditions – such as ‘the never-ending staircase’ badge.

Fansites – Yep. The people of Habbo still love the fansites that are there for people to enjoy. There are currently over 10 official fansites for people to check out each day. Some users said they enjoyed fansites because of the wide communities involved (cough*Habbox community*cough) but also because of the wide range of information they provide for users.

Community – *Gossips*. Yes, we all love getting down to Habbo to chat and socialise with our e-friends – it’s one of the main reasons I personally stay with Habbo. Being able to communicate with people miles across the world is an absolutely fantastic tool and has enabled people to increase their communication span (even if it is through the internet.)

Finally… making rooms – You couldn’t e-live without them! Habbo users simply love creating amazing rooms (even if they are made from pixel furniture) and let’s face it… without these room-designers, you wouldn’t have fantastic rooms such as trade cities! 

Well, there you have it! Clearly, Habbo isn’t the worst site possibly and many users do seem to enjoy many aspects of it… even if they do hate and whine about a lot of stuff (*cough*Inexorably*cough*). So remember, whilst you’re on Habbo…

“Don’t worry… be happy!”

What do you enjoy the most about Habbo? Do you often participate events, or maybe you’re more of a room-builder? Share your positive views now by clicking ‘Read More & Comment’!

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