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The Catalog Has Had a Makeover!0
By - Posted 4th July, 2015 at 9:10 pm

Didn’t like the old style? Well you’ll be happy now!New Catalog!

Did you get fed up with the old Catalog arrangements? Well you wont now! Habbo has mixed all the furni together and released some of the good old favourites!

Don’t you just hate it when you lose things? I do. Like when I loose my house key, I’m like ”WHERES THE KEY? OH NO!!!!” Usually the key would be sitting infront of me but it may not be with you guys! If you are a typical person who forgets where the bargains are or one of the people who forgets all the time, not to worry! Puffin, Fozzie and SmoothCriminal are coming to save you! 

Habbo staff have given the catalog a complete makeover! You’ll now be able to find the Furni By Type’ section in the catalog. It lets you browse all the Habbo furni ranges in one. If your wondering what category’s there are well, here are some!

Spaces – Find all the spaces in this section.
Chairs – Find all the chairs in this section!
Tables – This is where the tables are!
Dividers – Need to block something off? Look here!
Storage –  From bookshelves to cabinets, it has it all!
Beds –  Need a nice bed? Look here!
Lighting – Get your lights here!
Rugs and Flooring – Need a rug? Come here!
Windows – Need to look at something? Buy a window here!
Plants – All of them smell good!

With these, Habbo staff have made some old classics return! These include Iced, Area, Pura, Diner, Grunge, Glass and Romantique. 
Lots of changes will be made in the catalog so keep an eye out!

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