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The Ecotron: What is it?0
By - Posted 29th November, 2020 at 9:48 pm HabboHabbo2020

Have you heard? Recycling furni is making a comeback!

Eco box.gif

That’s right. A feature to recycle our unwanted furni will make an appearance in Habbo2020. Although the most recent version of recycling was the Furni-matic, the “Ecotron” was certainly the most memorable, and the widely used term for furni recycling. But what IS the Ecotron?

Read on to find out..

The Ecotron was first introduced in March 2007 and transformed our unwanted Furni into new exclusive pieces of furniture which could only be attained through recycling. The Ecotron had different rarities of furni – Common, Uncommon, Arcane & Phenomenal. The Phenomenal type of furni was much harder to obtain from the system but when you eventually got this furni you felt like the richest Habbo in the hotel.

File:Ecotron-interface 2.png

Generation 1:

There were many different rewards you could get from recycling your old unwanted furni:

  • Palm Chair
  • Water Garden
  • Polar Sofa
  • Moon Lamp
  • Eco-Friendly Penguin (replaced a bundle of gaming tickets)


In 2009 the Ecotron rewards renewed with different rewards to obtain. The rewards could be obtained by anyone in the hotel that recycled five furni in the system. The prizes however were randomized & you wouldn’t always get what you would wish for. When you clicked each of the items in the Ecotron rewards you would see what the chances were to get those specific items.

Generation 2: 

The rewards you could receive in the V2 2009 edition of the Ecotron were as follows: 

Common: Potted Cactus 1, Potted Cactus 2, Potted Cactus 3, Eco Lamp 1, Eco Lamp 2, Eco Lamp 3.

Uncommon: Eco Stool 1, Eco Stool 2, Eco Stool 3, Eco Armchair 1, Eco Armchair 2, Eco Armchair 3, Eco Coffee Table 1, Eco Coffee Table 2, Eco Coffee Table 3, Eco Light 1, Eco Light 2, Eco Light 3, Eco Curtain 1, Eco Curtain 2, Eco Curtain 3.

Arcane: Fruit Bowl 1, Fruit Bowl 2, Fruit Bowl 3

Phenomenal: Eco Mushroom 2

Urban Legend Rewards: Eco Mushroom 1,Orange Tree, Pear Tree.

The Eco Mushroom 1 and 2 replaced the Orange Tree and Pear Tree, which were only available for a brief period of time. The rewards for Urban Legend were very cute & focused more around the outdoors & what we see as Super Rare now.

Plasto Recycle:

Before the Ecotron was removed and replaced with the Furni-matic, the Ecotron would only recycle Plasto furni. The rewards included furni from a new line of Black Plasto furni.


File:Blackplastoset.pngThis campaign also introduced a special badge for each time you recycled the plasto furni:

Thumbnail for version as of 02:47, 18 November 2019  Plasto Recycler I: Recycled old Plasto Furni

Thumbnail for version as of 02:47, 18 November 2019 Plasto Recycler II: Recycled 101 Plastos! Amazing!

Thumbnail for version as of 02:47, 18 November 2019  Plasto Recycler III: Recycled 1101 Plastos! Incredible!

If you’d like to learn more, heard over to our wiki: https://www.habboxwiki.com/Ecotron



Are you looking forward to the return of furni recycling? 

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